S70 Pilot Maintenance LED Lighting Program

S70 Pilot Maintenance Program for S70 Vehicle Led Headlamp replacement. Light Rail Vehicle S70 LED replacements for 200PAR56-30V 200PAR 200W Locomotive Train Headlamp Replacement Lamp Hi/Dim                                        Vehicle Side Connectors. 

Warranty: 24 Month


PSR # 1415

MOW Traction Power Substation Battery Replacement

The CATS LYNX Light Rail system maintains 26 traction power substations that provide 750VDC overhead power to the Blue Line Alignment. Each of these locations require a stand-by battery system to that is designed to power critical control circuits for up to 8 hours in the event of a utility power failure.
Each bank consists of 10 Marathon M12V90 AGM sealed lead-acid batteries, now obsolete, replaced by the CSB HRL12330W. There are 12 locations where the batteries have been in service past the 5-year recommended replacement interval.
The scope of work will be to replace 120 batteries of comparable type (insert new battery info here or above) and perform preventive maintenance and inspection of each battery charger in Traction Power Substations 3,5,7,9, 12-17, 18 and 20.
1. Isolation of the battery bank from the TPSS
2. Disconnection and removal of the existing batteries from the rack
3. Inspection of the existing hardware for defects and correcting any deficiencies
4. Installing the new batteries
5. Torquing all fasteners to the appropriate values
6. Perform battery charger preventive maintenance and inspection
6. Verify and document in-service voltage and ampacity of each cell and the complete bank
7. Restore all TPSS control power equipment to its original configuration and verifying proper operation
8. Removal and proper disposal of the old batteries.
The contractor will be required to have all employees working on the project successfully complete a
Roadway Worker Protection (RWPP) course which will be provided by CATS free of charge. MOW will
provide access to the work locations and escort contract personnel while they are in the performance of
their duties.

PSR # 1335

S70 Articulation Maintenance Evaluation

Rail Car Maintenance requires the following service performed on two selected LRVs:

Scope of Work:

  • The 2 (two) oldest or highest mileage vehicles will be selected by CATS.
  • Vendor will provide personnel will remove and replace two LRV center truck bearings (4 four center articulation bearings) with new units. All parts and special tools will be provided by the vendor.
  • The vendor will coordinate and ship the removed bearings to an independent lab for analysis. The data obtained from the investigation will be compared to a new unit, and the mileage or bearing lifetime remaining will be estimated. The recommendation will be submitted to CATS
  • The vendor will issue a letter to CATS with maintenance action recommendations and intervals based on analysis results.
  • This is for purchasing, replacing, and analysis of 4 (four) center articulation bearings.

Series 100 and 200 Light Rail Vehicle Midlife Overhaul

Mid-life Vehicle Rehabilitation Programs involve taking railcars out of service for the overhaul, remanufacturer, or upgrade of a substantial number of vehicle systems and subsystems at once (usually in year 15 of the vehicle in service). The Rail Transit Agency requires a vendor to restore vehicles to “like new” condition and performance and to implement essential technology upgrades. As an industry practice, it recommended best practice, which is to be completed by solicitation by an offsite vendor.


PSR  1441

BLE Spare Inventory Parts

Charlotte Area Transit Systems (CATS) is in need of spare inventory parts and equipment to support 27 of CATS LYNX traction power substations for the Light Rail system. The Light Rail System started construction in 2005, and now is up and running with multiple corridors. The procurement of spare inventory parts and equipment necessary for the safe operation of CATS Traction Power network. The parts and equipment need to be compatible, standardized and reliable for the existing traction power infrastructure. A list of over 600 parts will be listed for pricing.


PSR 1330

Cancelled – Hitachi Rail STS Inventory Spare Parts and Repair Service Contract

Light Rail Train Control and Signaling Systems. The parts that are being purchased under this contract are for replacement parts and inventory stock spares required to maintain the tracks signaling system, grade crossings and train control.

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