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Welcome to EarlyBird, the City of Charlotte Business Opportunities Pipeline! This site is a comprehensive listing of Active and In Development contracting opportunities across all City of Charlotte departments. Projects can be searched using keywords, by commodity code, or using a variety of filters to narrow down opportunities your business may be interested in participating in. Click on the orange Requirements button on the Opportunity to see additional details about the project and specific requirements that may be helpful in preparing to participate in an upcoming solicitation. You can also “follow” a project using various social media channels to get notifications when the requirements are updated, or once the project moves from “In Development” to “Active” status.

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In Development charlotte water

Aviation / Construction


  • Posting Number: 2024-Q3(Jul-Sep)-AVI-14870
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2024-09-30
  • Last Updated: 05/25/24
Add to Calendar 2024-09-30 2024-09-30 LOADING DOCK EXPANSION

The purpose for the Loading Dock Expansion Project at Charlotte Douglas International Airport is to increase capacity and efficiency at the existing terminal loading dock.  The project will modify the existing loading dock facility to provide three additional truck bays (total of five), two service elevators, an extended canopy, and reconfiguration of the loading dock area for more efficient operations and future growth at the Airport.

In Development charlotte water

Aviation / Commodities & Goods

MS Switchgear Replacement

  • Posting Number: 2024-Q3(Jul-Sep)-AVI-14860
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2024-07-16
  • Last Updated: 05/25/24
Add to Calendar 2024-07-16 2024-07-16 MS Switchgear Replacement

This project is for the production of engineered documents detailing the replacement of the existing
2500A switchboard ‘MS’ located in the basement below the main terminal of CLT airport. The existing
switchgear shall be replaced with (2) new electrical distribution panelboards and shall have backup
power availability through the installation of a generator docking station and manual transfer switch.
The new distribution panelboards shall feed all existing circuits energized from existing switchboard
‘MS’. After all existing circuits have been refed, existing switchboard ‘MS’ shall be demolished.

In Development charlotte water

Charlotte Water / General Services

FY24-26 High Perfomance Industrial Coatings Program

  • Posting Number: 2024-Q3(Jul-Sep)-CW-12267
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2024-09-25
  • Last Updated: 05/25/24
Add to Calendar 2024-09-25 2024-09-25 FY24-26 High Perfomance Industrial Coatings Program

Services for concrete rehabilitative services for water treatment and wastewater treatment plants. Multiple contracts may be awarded for rehabilitative high performance industrial coating services on multiple assets across Charlotte Water facilities based on need.

In Development charlotte water

Aviation / Construction


  • Posting Number: 2024-Q3(Jul-Sep)-AVI-14868
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2024-09-30
  • Last Updated: 05/25/24
Add to Calendar 2024-09-30 2024-09-30 ENGINEERED MATERIAL ARRESTING SYSTEM (EMAS) Replacement

The project consists of the in-kind replacement of the Runway 36R Departure EMAS, including the removal of existing EMAS blocks, milling/overlay of existing asphalt bed, installation of new EMAS, placement of markings, and installation of edge reflectors

In Development charlotte water

Aviation / Commodities & Goods, General Services

Water Treatment Chemical Services

  • Posting Number: 2024-Q4(Oct-Dec)-AVI-14865
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2024-11-05
  • Last Updated: 05/25/24
Add to Calendar 2024-11-05 2024-11-05 Water Treatment Chemical Services

The scope of this contract shall be to provide water treatment chemicals
and to furnish all professional services and expertise to operate a water treatment chemical program

In Development charlotte water

Charlotte Water / General Services

Lab Sample and Mail Courier Services

  • Posting Number: 2024-Q2(Apr-Jun)-CW-12211
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2024-06-11
  • Last Updated: 05/25/24
Add to Calendar 2024-06-11 2024-06-11 Lab Sample and Mail Courier Services

Charlotte Water is seeking a company to perform courier services for interoffice mail and laboratory samples between Charlotte Water and other city building locations.  Both services will be scheduled but may also be required on an as-needed basis.  Laboratory samples will include water and wastewater products, and the transporting equipment may weigh up to approximately 50 pounds.

In Development charlotte water

Finance / General Services

Workers Compensation Medical Services-CANCELED

  • Posting Number: 2024-Q2(Apr-Jun)-FN-14152
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2024-04-01
  • Last Updated: 05/25/24
Add to Calendar 2024-04-01 2024-04-01 Workers Compensation Medical Services-CANCELED
The City of Charlotte’s Risk Management Division is seeking proposals from qualified Companies to provide medical services to the City, Mecklenburg County, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, and/or Mecklenburg EMS Agency (collectively referred hereto as “Employing Agencies”) employees injured on the job. Combined, these five (5) organizations employ approximately 37,500 individuals.
The Employing Agencies’ workers’ compensation claims are processed through a third-party administrator. The Company is expected to work with the third-party administrator and its adjusters in order to ensure the claims are processed in a satisfactory and timely manner.
The Company shall act as the representative of the Risk Management Division in all matters related to such services, including but not limited to the following:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          • Provide medical services pursuant to this contract for the Employing Agencies and their employees as a licensed provider in the state of North Carolina;
• Provide a minimum of three (3) locations within Mecklenburg County with seven (7) day a week access to medical treatment for employees authorized by an Employing Agency for treatment of on-the-job injuries. Every location must provide the same level of service to employees, and have a minimum of two (2) Medical Doctors on staff who specialize in Occupational Medicine and are able to meet the medical needs of injured employees.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     • Provide an initial prescription card if injured employees require a prescription; and
• Work with Employing Agencies to create policies and protocols for exposure-related claims.                                                                                            • Possible addendum for pre-employment physicals

In Development charlotte water

City Wide / General Services

Citywide Janitorial Services

  • Posting Number: 2024-Q3(Jul-Sep)-CTW-4726
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2024-07-09
  • Last Updated: 05/25/24
Add to Calendar 2024-07-09 2024-07-09 Citywide Janitorial Services

The City is seeking qualified Companies to perform Janitorial Services at numerous City facilities. The Services include, but are not limited to; providing supervision, tools, materials, equipment, cleaning supplies, and expertise to perform janitorial services within building offices, classrooms, lobbies, corridors, passageways, rest rooms, exercise facilities and locker rooms, and industrial and specialized facilities including but not limited to warehouses and trailers.

In Development charlotte water

Housing & Neighborhood Services / General Services

Housing Counseling and Education Services

  • Posting Number: 2024-Q2(Apr-Jun)-HNS-14449
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2024-06-13
  • Last Updated: 05/25/24
Add to Calendar 2024-06-13 2024-06-13 Housing Counseling and Education Services

The City is seeking U.S. Department of housing and Urban Development (HUD) certified agencies to provide housing counseling and education services to prospective home buyers and homeowners. The companies will provide various types of counseling and education services to first-time home buyers and homeowners, including pre-purchase education, pre-closing education, post-home ownership counseling, individual financial counseling, and foreclosure prevention counseling.

In Development charlotte water

Charlotte Area Transit System / General Services

BL TPSS Refresh

  • Posting Number: 2024-Q2(Apr-Jun)-CATS-14842
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2024-05-23
  • Last Updated: 05/23/24
Add to Calendar 2024-05-23 2024-05-23 BL TPSS Refresh

The current Blue Line (BL) Traction Power Substations eight (8) were put in service 16 years ago on November 4th, 2007. The manufacturer of the Traction Power Substations has closed their facility and no longer manufactures Traction Power Substations or the electrical components assembled in-house. MOW has exhausted the in-house spare parts to maintain the system, which is obsolete. An agreement with Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and MOW was arranged for the parts used in their current system to be shipped identical to CATS BL substations (as a stop-gap), which are still in serviceable condition. The first set of the parts was delivered to CATS in April 2023 and will continue until UTA has completed the mid-life overhaul of their Traction Power Substations.

The substations and BL equipment are overdue for the mid-life refresh requirement. The MOW department is focused on upgrading and refreshing the DC Switchgear of the BL substations. The remainder of the equipment can be purchased and replaced as the AC Switchgear, Transformer, and Auxiliary equipment manufacturers are still available or swapped out with an equal piece of equipment or component without necessary modification to the substation.


MOW’s goal is to rehabilitate the BL Traction Power Substations to extend their useful life and provide increased system integrity and revenue service reliability with upgraded switchgear. Another goal of this project is to upgrade and modernize the substations’ communication capabilities and integrate SCADA points from the substations to the CATS head-end SCADA system, which will mirror the Blue Line Extension Substations so that the two systems operate the same. Secheron Hasler Group is the original equipment manufacturer of the selected DC Switchgear and will be providing the parts. A sole source solicitation waiver will be required.


PSR 1697

In Development charlotte water

Charlotte Water / Construction

Field Operations Pipeline Rehabilitation Construction

  • Posting Number: 2024-Q3(Jul-Sep)-CW-11223
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2024-09-17
  • Last Updated: 05/21/24
Add to Calendar 2024-09-17 2024-09-17 Field Operations Pipeline Rehabilitation Construction

This bid package is a collection of projects to increase potable water system reliability and replace aging infrastructure. Work consists of approximately 15,000 linear feet of potable water line construction for 2-, 6-, and 8-inch pipe, and associated repair or replacement of asphalt pavement, concrete sidewalk, curb ramps, curb & gutter, and minor lawn/landscape restoration, primarily within CDOT and NCDOT right-of-way.

In Development charlotte water

Charlotte Water / Construction

Paw Creek Sewer Rehabilitation and Sewer Diversion

  • Posting Number: 2024-Q3(Jul-Sep)-CW-13021
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2024-07-23
  • Last Updated: 05/21/24
Add to Calendar 2024-07-23 2024-07-23 Paw Creek Sewer Rehabilitation and Sewer Diversion

This project consists of the sanitary sewer rehabilitation of approximately 4,700 LF of sewer outfall with cured-in-place lining. This project will extend along the Paw Creek outfall. A 112 LF, 24-inch diversion sewer will also be constructed under Briar Creek along with a 118 LF, 8-inch LF collector sewer. All work will occur within Charlotte Water’s existing easement. A small portion of work on a county parcel.

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