North End-Around Taxiway (NEAT) Extension

As part of the Fourth Parallel Runway Program at CLT, an end-around taxiway is required at the north end of new Runway 1C-19C and existing Runway 18C-36C.  This project will construct the North End-Around Taxiway (NEAT).  The project includes erosion and sedimentation control, grading, drainage, airfield concrete and asphalt paving, marking, and airfield lighting/signage to construct the NEAT.  The new taxiway will meet FAA Taxiway Design Group (TDG) 5 requirements.

Ramp D&E Dual Taxi Lanes

This airfield construction project is to expand portions of the ramp to provide the capability to taxi two aircraft simultaneously around the east perimeter of Concourses D and E. Work includes but is not limited to pavement demolition, grading, airfield PCC pavement section, asphalt shoulders, airfield marking, and airfield electrical.