The scope of this Invitation to Bid (ITB) is to establish a contract for the purchase and delivery of an All-Electric Class 8 Day Cab Tractor and other inherently related activities involved in the purchase and delivery of the product and services and in compliance with the specifications and terms and conditions set forth in this ITB. All products and component parts furnished under the Contract shall be new, shall comply with the specifications and terms and conditions set forth in this ITB, and shall operate in full compliance with these Specifications.

Canceled FY23 STS Bus Purchase

FY23 STS Bus Purchase on contract 2022000876. Purchase of 8 vehicles at $219,390 per contract. To be delivered (driven) to 900 North Davidson 8-12 Months after Purchase Order is completed.

PSR # 1454

Large Utility Bodies

Charlotte Water will purchase heavy duty truck bodies for replacement vehicles, and new vehicles that may be needed for future operations. Utility truck bodies are installed on separate cab/chassis assemblies which are purchased from a different vendor that is already under contract. The truck bodies purchased on this contract come in different configurations based on the intended use of each specific vehicle. They are installed on trucks used by construction crews in the course of field maintenance and repair tasks throughout the water and wastewater system.

Charlotte Area Transit System Non-Revenue Vehicle Services

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is seeking  a vendor(s) to support non-revenue vehicle  requirements. The contract is for one (1) year with four (4) 1-year renewals. There will be 24 different vehicles required ranging from small cars,  large trucks, vans and SUV’s.




Cancelled – Support Vehicles

CATS needs a contract to purchase non-revenue support vehicles for multiple sections within the agency.  Below is the list of requested vehicles and the vehicles that are being replaced by section:

Bus Operations – Five (5) Small SUVS with light bars and radio

Bus Maintenance – Three (3) 3/4 ton P/U
One (1) HD ton with Stake bed body (Equipment will be on another PSR)

STS Non-rev – Two (2) minivans with Braunability

MOW Track – Two (2) Small SUV’s with light package

Facilities – One (1) Mid-sized SUV with Security light package
One (1) 1/2 ton P/U ext cab with Light package

PSR 1139

Shared Mobility (E-Scooter) Program Permit

The City of Charlotte is seeking qualifications for up to four (4) companies to safely and responsibly operate a Shared Mobility System (fleet of e-scooters) within the City of Charlotte in accordance with the Shared Mobility System Requirements.

ADA Compliant Non-Revenue Vehicles

Purchasing: 2 – Ford Transit vans or Chrysler minivans (preferred) with BraunAbility for Bus operations 
2- Ford Transit vans or Chrysler minivans (preferred) with BraunAbility



PSR-898 and 1225

CATS FY 19 | 20 Vanpool Vehicle Purchase

Charlotte Area Transit will be conducting a solicitation for the purchase of Vanpool vehicles.  Nineteen of the vehicles will be 7 passengers carpool vans.  Ten vehicles will be 10 passenger vans.  Twenty-five vehicles will be 15 passenger one ton carpool vans and eighteen vehicles will be SUVs. Specifications will be provided in the solicitation.

19 – 7 passenger vans

10 – 10 passenger vans

25 – 15 passenger vans

18 – SUVs