Multi-Family Solid Waste Collection Services

Solid Waste Services provides multi-family garbage, recycling, and bulk item collection services through an outside vendor. The vendor will be responsible for the weekly collection and delivery to designated disposal sites for approximately 915 multi-family communities and 110 City facilities. Garbage will be collected in dumpsters and compactors. The contracted vendor will also provide 96-gallon-sized carts for recycling and will be responsible for live Christmas tree collection once per year in January.

McDowell Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant Dewatering, Disposal and Cleaning

The project consists of removing and properly disposing of all materials currently stored in Digester No. 5 and cleaning Digester No. 5 located at McDowell Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant in Huntersville, NC. Material stored in the digester may have been in place for up to 15 years and includes but is not limited to: grit, digested bio-solids, water and rags.

The Company shall transport and dispose of the materials removed from the digester to an appropriately permitted, licensed, EPA Subtitle D landfill facility of the Company’s choice. Material removal, transportation and disposal shall be performed in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal laws.  If the material is deemed allowable for land application and Company has permit to land apply, then the material may be removed and land applied.

Curbside Residential Recycling Services

The City requires a Company to work in conjunction with Solid Waste Services (SWS) to perform Curbside Residential Recycling Collection Services. The Company shall collect all Recyclables generated by customers in the City-provided Recyclables Container and shall be in accordance with Chapter l 0, Article II of the Charlotte Municipal Code. The Company shall perform the work in a competent, qualified, diligent, and efficient manner.

The City uses a Single-Stream Recycling collection system, consisting of fibrous and non­ fibrous materials. The Company will not be required to sort any Recyclables but may have to hand load overflow cardboard left beside the Recyclable Container. It is the purpose of these specifications to provide a framework for accomplishing the tasks that result in maintaining quality, safe, and sanitary Residential Recycling Collection Services for the residents of the City of Charlotte. The intent of the Services is to collect all Recyclables properly placed out for collection within the City limits.

Irwin Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Cleaning of Process Tanks

Charlotte Water is seeking a company to perform all labor, materials, chemicals, supplies, equipment, transportation, and other incidentals required for the removal, mechanical dewatering, filtrate management, transportation, and disposal of all materials from the Irwin Creek wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) process tanks including six digester tanks and the digested sludge storage tank.

  • Approximately 1,600,000 gallons of sludge
  • Approximate/Average concentration of 3.0%
  • Approximate dewatered sludge concentration of 17.2%
  • Calculated 1,200 approximate wet tons of dewatered sludge/cake disposal
  • Solids capture efficiency of 95% or higher
  • Maximum wash water rate of 60 GPM (for the entire unit, not per belt wash station)