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Irwin Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Cleaning of Process Tanks


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Posting Number 2022-Q1(Jan-Mar)-CW-2698

Anticipated Posting Date 2022-01-11

Commodity Code(s): 91070, 92645, 92974, 96239, 96871

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Charlotte Water is seeking a company to perform all labor, materials, chemicals, supplies, equipment, transportation, and other incidentals required for the removal, mechanical dewatering, filtrate management, transportation, and disposal of all materials from the Irwin Creek wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) process tanks including six digester tanks and the digested sludge storage tank.

  • Approximately 1,600,000 gallons of sludge
  • Approximate/Average concentration of 3.0%
  • Approximate dewatered sludge concentration of 17.2%
  • Calculated 1,200 approximate wet tons of dewatered sludge/cake disposal
  • Solids capture efficiency of 95% or higher
  • Maximum wash water rate of 60 GPM (for the entire unit, not per belt wash station)


Last Updated: 02/03/22
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