McAlpine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent Filter Backwash Blowers

Charlotte Water will be seeking bids for the purchase two Gardner Denver centrifugal blowers for its McAlpine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. These blowers are to be utilized for backwashing effluent filters. Awarded bidder will be responsible for the shipment of the items to the facility. The equipment will be installed as part of a future construction contract. The needed control panels will be supplied by a third party.

Bid price will include a one-year warranty from the time of installation or 18 months from the time of delivery. Bid price will also include up to three one-day site visits to assist Charlotte Water’s third party contractor with installation and start-up as required.


CATS Facilities Air Compressor Service and Bus Air Compressor PM – Repair Contract

Contract needed for Air Compressor Service and Bus Air Compressor Repair – Periodical Maintenance. Maintenance and repair services for four (4) dryers and four (4) air compressors and service for 8 buses . The scope of work shall be at a  minimum the performance of basic service to all compressors and air dryers every three months, and to also perform basic services to all compressors and air dryers on an annual basis.


PSR 805

PSR 1071

CANCEL- CATS Facilities Air Compressor Services Contract

Contract needed for Air Compressor and Dryer PM and repair services. The VMF currently needs a new Air Compressor to assist with Rail Car maintenance. Repair existing air systems, install new air lines and air dryer.




CATS Shop Equipment Preventative Maintenace and Repair Services

Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Operation Division (CATS-BOD) requesting and repair services for our shop equipment. CATS-BOD uses multiple small engine and custodial equipment between two facilities. The facilities are located at: 3145 South Tryon Charlotte, NC and 900 North Davidson Charlotte, NC.

Performing PM/Repair services on various small engine and custodial equipment.