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CATS Shop Equipment Preventative Maintenace and Repair Services


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Posting Number 2021-Q1(Jan-Mar)-CATS-4043

Anticipated Posting Date 2021-01-05

Commodity Code(s): 28760, 51585, 90960, 91025, 92800, 92854, 92960, 93608, 94000, 94031, 97515

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Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Operation Division (CATS-BOD) requesting and repair services for our shop equipment. CATS-BOD uses multiple small engine and custodial equipment between two facilities. The facilities are located at: 3145 South Tryon Charlotte, NC and 900 North Davidson Charlotte, NC.

Performing PM/Repair services on various small engine and custodial equipment.




Last Updated: 02/17/21
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