Early Grading Package (4th Parallel Runway Project)

As part of the 4th Parallel Runway project, the Airport will solicit bids for grading, drainage, fencing, and erosion and sediment control. Other scopes of work include:

  • Excavation of in-site soil and rock from existing Airport property areas
  • Stockpiling, placement, and compaction of excavated material in CLT-recommended locations
  • Isolated, minor site surface drainage features along regraded areas and stockpile locations
  • May include extension of existing Coffey Creek box culvert – currently under construction as part of the South Crossfield (SCF) project (TBD)
  • May include extension of existing sanitary sewer line relocation – currently under construction as part of the SCF project (TBD)
  • Identification of and relocation of existing security perimeter fence as needed.

North End Around Taxiway Grading and Drainage

One of seven remaining bid packages within the North End Around Taxiway Program. This package includes the major grading, drainage, utility, and NAVAIDS relocations required by the NEAT.  The modifications to the NAVAIDS include a localizer relocation, modifications to multiple MALSR light stations, new NAVAID shelters and the relocation of an ASOS. These include, but are not limited to, the following: (i) Runway 36C Localizer; (ii) Runway 18C Medium Intensity Approach Light System (MALSR); (iii) Runway 18C Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI).  These relocations will require full communication (fiber) connections to the airport fiber system and back-up power.