Asphalt Shoulder Rehabilitation-Phase II

As part of the airfield master plan effort to repair runway and taxiway asphalt shoulders asphalt crack seal and replacement is needed to meet Part-139 FAA requirements. This project will re-construct and repair asphalt shoulders for Runway 18R/36L, Runway 18C/36C, Taxiway’s Echo, Whiskey, and Charlie.
The project includes erosion and sedimentation control, airfield asphalt paving and repair which meet FAA circular requirements.

Asphalt Multi Year Pavement Program

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is establishing an Multi Year Asphalt Maintenance Program. This program will include asphalt replacement and repair maintenance services at various locations as needed for property and facilities managed by the Aviation Department. Task Orders will be issued with details concerning the services to be provided.

Unspecified Traffic Signal Installation and Maintenance FY2023A

The City operates and maintains 775 traffic signals throughout the City of Charlotte and ensures maintenance is performed on all traffic signals every 12 to 18 months. The contracts will provide maintenance of traffic signals for all  traffic signals in the City. Work includes installation and confirming correct operation of all components.

Street Resurfacing

This project involves street resurfacing and associated functions throughout the City. The project includes traffic control, asphalt and concrete pavement milling, asphalt paving, base failure repair, asphalt surface treatment, utility adjustments, manhole frame and cover replacements, wheelchair ramp installation, sidewalk, curb repairs, and pavement markings.

Decommissioning and Rehabilitation Runway 5-23

The Runway 5-23 Decommissioning and Rehabilitation project at Charlotte Douglas International Airport includes the decommissioning of the existing FAA NAVAIDs for Runway 5-23 and conversion of Runway 5-23 into a taxiway, including taxiway marking, lighting, and signage. The project also includes rehabilitation of the Runway 5-23 asphalt pavement in the form of a variable-depth mill and overlay as well as select concrete slab replacement for installation of taxiway centerline lights.

Ramp D&E Dual Taxi Lanes

This airfield construction project is to expand portions of the ramp to provide the capability to taxi two aircraft simultaneously around the east perimeter of Concourses D and E. Work includes but is not limited to pavement demolition, grading, airfield PCC pavement section, asphalt shoulders, airfield marking, and airfield electrical.

Concrete Pad at UNCC Vaults

This project will consist of fine grading, pavement, and drainage swale at UNCC (University of North Charlotte Campus) communications cabinet area. Fine grading and rip rap stabilization at Norfolk Southern Spur line.





9th and College Storm Drainage Improvement Project

The 9th and  College Storm Drainage Improvement Project is located in Uptown Charlotte within the 9th Street Right-of- Way between North College Street and the CATS Blue Line Extension light rail. The project will upgrade and replace storm drainage, sanitary sewer, and water main infrastructure within this block of 9th Street. The project will also include sidewalk, hardscape, pavement, and pavement markings replacement.