Vehicle Communications and Electronic Equipment Installation

The City of Charlotte is seeking a qualified provider of Vehicle Communications and Electronic Equipment Installation Services to work in conjunction with Fleet Management.  The Company shall perform vehicle upfitting and communications component installation services on fleet equipment owned, operated, or maintained by the City.  The Company shall provide these services primarily at the City vehicle commissioning and decommissioning shop, but may also provide services at their company shop or at other approved City facilities.


Residential and Public Spaces Wired and Wireless Internet Services

The City is seeking to extend and expand its wired and wireless high-speed broadband network to serve over 4,000 households where the digital divide impacts ability to fully participate in today’s economy, workforce pipeline, banking, and communications.

Locations include Multi-Family housing and public space sites currently served, additional Multi-Family housing sites, single-family housing sites, and additional public space sites. Could be awarded to more than one respondent.


Citywide On-Call Cabling Services

The City requires qualified and experienced Companies to provide on-call low voltage cabling installation and renovation services. These Services include, but are not limited to, installation and maintenance of: data cabling, Ethernet, building wiring, fiber optic installations, voice and/or data network installation, network cabling, hardware testing and certification, audio and/or video cabling, radio frequency (“RF”), cabinet installation, bonding and grounding, patch cables, and backboards.