4th Parallel Runway Package 4: NAVAIDs

To support CLT’s Fourth Parallel Runway Program, this project will include the installation of Navigational Aids (NAVAIDs) for the new Fourth Parallel Runway. To support the new Runway 1C-19C, the project requires construction of glide slope, localizer, approach lighting systems, and all associated support structures, access roads, and infrastructure.  The general scope of this bid package includes demolition, erosion and sedimentation control, grading, drainage, airfield electrical, vehicle service roads, and utilities.

Old City Hall – ADA Implementation

This solicitation will be used for addressing the physical barriers identified in the city’s ADA Transition Plan. Areas include but are not limited to; restrooms, water fountains, signage, handrails/guardrails, doors & hardware, main lobby service area, exterior sidewalks, parking, and striping.

Franklin Water Treatment Plant Clearwell Improvements

Charlotte Water is requesting bids for construction of the Franklin Water Treatment Plant Clearwell project. This project includes installation of large diameter (72 to 120 inch) pipes, valves, and fittings. It also includes constructing a new chemical feed system, including a new building, pumps, storage silos, and chemical piping.

CLT – On Call Demolition Services

The scope of this contract shall be to provide demolition and abatement services for removing various commercial and residential structures around the airport.

The term of the Contract shall be for three (3) years with two (2) optional one (1) year renewals.

Airport Express Deck Sign Demolition

The Express Deck signage demolition will be a turnkey project for the removal and disposal of the sign assembly with the demolition of the supporting concrete columns, per construction drawings. The contract term of the shall be for a one-time purchase in which the project is estimated to be completed within 60 days.

Unspecified Demolition and Environmental Services

The City anticipates selecting one (1) or more firms for On‐Call Services to include securing structures, asbestos abatement, utility coordination/relocation, demolition, clearing and grading of specified structures and related improvements, underground storage tank, and contaminated soil removal, well abandonment, tree removal, and miscellaneous environmental remediation. Services may be planned or as a result of an emergency and do not fall within the confines of an existing project’s contract. Most demolition services are urgent in nature and required to protect the health, welfare, and safety of our residents.

Fuel Line Replacement (Canceled Re-Advertise Later Date)

Replace the fuel lines serving the Bank of America and Wilson Air fuel dispending cabinets from the fuel farm. The work includes a combination of fuel line removal/replacement and piping/dispenser cabinet modifications.  The associated civil site work includes demolition, minor fencing, asphalt pavement milling, pavement removal, asphalt paving, and landscaping.

Project will Re-Advertise at a later date.

Airfield Wind Cone Replacement (Informal Bid)

The purpose of this project to remove four (4) existing wind cones located at the north and south ends of airfield at Charlotte Douglas International Airport and install four (4) new wind cones, provided by the Airport. Contractor is responsible to maintain a safe and clean operation and for security of all material and equipment while on site. Contractor is responsible to repair any items damage caused by work performed while on site. All staff assigned to project are required to be badge in accordance with airport security policy. Staff must properly display badge at all time, on the upper part of body visual to security and official members of the Airport. Any loss, damaged or stolen badges MUST be reported immediately to your airport contract.

Decommission Runway 5-23

This airfield construction project will convert existing Runway 5-23 into a taxiway. Work includes but is not limited to asphalt paving, airfield marking, and airfield electrical.