Electrical Services

The City of Charlotte is soliciting proposals from qualified companies to provide as-needed electrical services for more than 200 municipal facilities, structures, and other assets. The city’s facilities require continuous electrical services, which range from standard maintenance to minor renovation projects and repairs. Currently, the city’s facilities include electrical service amperages from 100 to 4,000, and 120/208V and 277/480V.

The majority of electrical service requests will require initial field investigation and material/labor options, which include but are not limited to the following:

• Reviewing existing materials, electrical drawings, reports, and existing infrastructure in the facility;
• Reviewing/discussing the requested service(s) scope;
• Developing a quote for labor and/or product costs and review with city staff;
• Providing construction estimates, detailed specifications, and construction implementation schedules,
• Producing “as-built” changes to existing electrical drawings.

Interested companies must display extensive expertise with light commercial and heavy commercial installations. Some electrical services for city facilities may require expertise with industrial installations. Additionally, some projects will require installation, maintenance, and related unspecified services of electric vehicle support equipment. The city reserves the right to select more than one company for award and assign projects based on the capability of the company.

CLT Historic Hangar Shell Renovation

Renovations to the Historic Hangar including removal and replacement of metal roof and wall panels, and painting wall panels including a Preferred Brand Alternate. Electrical scope includes removal of existing exterior incandescent flood lights and replacing with new custom manufactured LED light fixtures reusing the existing electrical circuitry.

CLT – Electrical Switchgear Maintenance and Repair Services

CLT is looking for a Company to perform preventative maintenance, troubleshoot, test, and repair a variety of switchgear and breakers. CLT installations range from the small facility with residential-type single-phase power to the very large facility with incoming service voltages to 25 KV (kilovolts).

Three (3) year term with two (2) additional one (1) year renewals.


Electrical Lighting and Related Supplies

The City of Charlotte plans to release an Invitation to Bid for electrical lighting and related supplies including, but not limited to, luminaires, lamps, ballasts, dimmers, wiring devices, ceiling fans, photo controls, lenses, repair parts, and any accessories and related components necessary for new or retrofit requirements. The selected company or companies shall have a local presence in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a City Counter for emergency counter pick-ups and be capable of delivering to any City-maintained facility located within Mecklenburg County.

Concourse E Gate E5/E5-A Modifications

Modifications-renovations minor changes  to existing  hold room and the exterior of building.  A new door to the exterior of the building,  steel walkway ramp from the building down to the ramp, new electrical and data and security work associated with the new door.


Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Modification

Installation of two new 150KW electrical vehicle (EV) fast chargers and six EV charging station dispensers for the electrical buses at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CDIA). The work includes, but is not limited to, the required electrical work to install two new 150KW EV chargers and six charging EV dispensers, with each of the EV chargers supporting three dispensers.

Concourse D Widebody Ground Power Unit (GPU) Electrical Upgrades

The purpose of this solicitation is for the completion of Concourse D Widebody GPU Electrical Upgrades. This will consist of installing seven 150 amp circuits to feed new ground power units in order to support the widebody aircraft consistently parked at these gates.  The estimated contract erm is three months.

Ground Power Circuit Upgrades

The intent of this project is to add the required circuits needed to add an additional 90KVA ground power unit to the existing loading bridges B9, B12, B13, B16. The new electrical circuits will be run-up to the rotunda at each loading bridge and terminated in a fused disconnect per the BR+A drawings. The contract term will be eight (8) months.

Air Handler Unit #63 Replacement

The scope of this contract shall be to provide the installation of an air handling unit (#63) to provide the additional air flow and cooling needed to satisfy the heat load on this section of concourse “E”. The contract term is 90 days.