Peninsula/Palisades Odor and Corrosion Study

Charlotte Water is soliciting Statement of Qualifications from a qualified engineering firm to conduct odor and corrosion studies for various areas and lift stations. These studies will evaluate each lift station and its inflow and outflow of sewer pipes and manholes for odor control and corrosion protection . The selected firm will evaluate the various listed areas and prepare a plan of action to correct and address the odor and corrosion issues for Charlotte Water.

Stream and Wetland Monitoring and Inspection Services

The services will assist Charlotte Storm Water Services (CSWS) in monitoring stream, wetland, or SCM projects; the majority of which will be projects developed for compensatory mitigation.  The tasks listed have been identified as anticipated tasks for the Contract, but do not necessarily comprise all of the tasks to be performed under this Contract.

Each service request to be performed by the Consultant (and/or their designated sub-consultants) under this Contract will be initiated with a work authorization letter or email that describes the specific scope of the project and details a project-specific budget broken down by tasks (as defined below) and by personnel.  The work authorization will also reference the terms and conditions of this Contract and requires the City Project Manager’s signature prior to the start of work.

Zone 2 Water Replacement Package 1

The purpose of Zone 2 Water Replacement Package project is to expand Charlotte Water’s ongoing water replacement program by expediting the replacement of older water mains that are of pipe materials known to have a high likelihood of failure. Through research of main break data, a group of neighborhoods have been identified with a high concentration of these water mains made from these pipe materials. This project will focus on the replacement of the galvanized steel pipe (GSP) and asbestos cement pipe (ACP) within the project area but will consider other mains within the scope areas as well if deemed necessary. For this project, Charlotte Water staff believes the Progressive Design-Build delivery method will be best.