Otts Street Facilities Roof Replacement Project

The existing roof area consist of a concrete deck, hot mopped asphalt base layer, a layer of tapered isocyanurate insulation, a one and three-quarter inch layer of perlite insulation, and a 2-ply modified bitumen roof membrane. The existing roof systems shall be removed to the deck. The deck shall be cleaned and prepared for reinstallation of roofing materials. Install a one and one-half inch base layer of isocyanurate insulation set in foam insulation adhesive. Adhere a new base layer to the existing concrete deck in foam insulation adhesive as required to meet 90psf uplift per FM Global. Install an additional layer of one-eigth inch per foot tapered isocyanurate insulation set in foam insulation adhesive. Install new silicon impregnated fiberglass reinforced cover board in foam insulation adhesive. Fully adhere new PVC membrane and flashings as specified herein and as shown in the project drawings as required by the manufacturer for a twenty-year (20) NDL Manufacturer’s Warranty. The new roof system shall be able to resist the win uplift loading.