Large Utility Bodies

Charlotte Water will purchase heavy duty truck bodies for replacement vehicles, and new vehicles that may be needed for future operations. Utility truck bodies are installed on separate cab/chassis assemblies which are purchased from a different vendor that is already under contract. The truck bodies purchased on this contract come in different configurations based on the intended use of each specific vehicle. They are installed on trucks used by construction crews in the course of field maintenance and repair tasks throughout the water and wastewater system.

Cancelled – Non-Revenue Support Vehicles

CATS is seeking a contract to purchase non-revenue vehicles for multiple sections with the agency.  Below is the list of requested vehicles and the vehicles being replaced (grouped by section):

Rail Transportation – One (1) mid-sized SUV with light package and radio – ~
MOW Track – One (1) 1-ton Crew Cab P/U Light package (High rail up-fit on different PSR1142)
MOW Train – Two (2) 1-ton Crew Cab P/U with light package (1 with High rail – different PSR1142)
MOW Power – One (1) 1-ton Crew Cab P/U with light package


Police Interceptor Vehicles

The City’s annual budget includes funding to replace or add vehicles to the City’s fleet based on assessment of vehicles and equipment conducted by Fleet Management to determine replacement needs using a rating of vehicle usage, age, maintenance cost, and condition. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) will add or replace pursuit vehicles, both marked and unmarked, as identified within the City’s capital equipment list.

Misc. Equipment – CANCELLED

Aerial Light Truck Bodes, Agricultural, Construction, Dump Truck Bodies, Heavy, Heavy Truck Cab & Chassis, Sewer Cleaning Equipment and Utility Bodies

Fire Pumper Trucks and Ladder Trucks – CANCELLED

The Charlotte Fire Department operates SMEAL built fire trucks with Spartan chassis to respond to calls for emergency services including structural fires, medical needs and hazardous material spills. Purchases will include fire pumper trucks and ladder trucks.