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Cancelled – Non-Revenue Support Vehicles


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Posting Number 2021-Q4(Oct-Dec)-CATS-5174

Anticipated Posting Date 2021-10-01

Commodity Code(s): 07177, 07180, 07200, 55870, 99894

CATS is seeking a contract to purchase non-revenue vehicles for multiple sections with the agency.  Below is the list of requested vehicles and the vehicles being replaced (grouped by section):

Rail Transportation – One (1) mid-sized SUV with light package and radio – ~
MOW Track – One (1) 1-ton Crew Cab P/U Light package (High rail up-fit on different PSR1142)
MOW Train – Two (2) 1-ton Crew Cab P/U with light package (1 with High rail – different PSR1142)
MOW Power – One (1) 1-ton Crew Cab P/U with light package



Last Updated: 10/19/21
Insurance Requirements+
Estimated Total Value+
Contract Term+

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