Paving and Patching and Other Misc Water and Sewer Repairs

A construction contract to repairs roadways and their appurtenances related  to water and sewer infrastructure. In addition, minor work could be related to other existing water sewer infrastructure. The scope will also include some concrete and asphalt work within Charlotte Water.

4900 West Blvd Roof Replacement

Complete removal of all existing gravel surfaced built-up roofing, insulation, flashings, metal flashings, gutters and downspouts; and the installation of new insulation, cover board, 60 mil TPO membrane roofing, flashings, metal flashings, gutters, downspouts and associated miscellaneous work.

West Ramp Dual Taxi Lanes (Construction)

As part of the West Ramp Dual Taxilanes Project at CLT, this construction package will include widening of the ramp adjacent to Concourse A to allow parallel taxi operations.  The project includes erosion and sedimentation control, grading, drainage, pipe lining of a large drainage pipe, installation of new airfield concrete, full-depth replacement of portions of existing airfield concrete, asphalt paving, marking, and airfield lighting/signage.

Coffey Creek (Construction)

Work involves construction of a 400 linear foot sub-surface impermeable wall, two (2) observation wells, and four (4) monitoring wells.  The wall will be constructed parallel to, and in close proximity to an active stream.  This project is within the secure area of the airport.

South End Station – Track/Systems CMAR RFP

South End Station will design and construct a new light rail station adjacent to the Publix Supermarket and 2161 Hawkins development in South End. Initially, the project team selected Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) as the appropriate method to deliver the entire project. The City issued a RFP in 2023 but received no proposals.

Following contractor interviews and further analysis, the team divided construction into two packages, Track/Systems and Civil/Station. The Track/Systems Package will be delivered by CMAR through contracts for pre-construction services and construction (later). The pre-construction services contract will include some consulting services for both packages. The Civl/Station Package will be advertised for bid in the future.

This PSR is to request development and advertisement of a RFP for the CMAR. Draft RFP and contract documents are stored separately in a Sharepoint site set up by Legal with access granted to Procurement. The design consultant is developing a cost estimate for the pre-construction services and Track/Systems construction contracts. The cost estimate in this process is a rough estimate.

PSR # 1633

Bus Stop and Miscellaneous Construction Services

The scope of work is miscellaneous small construction projects involving improvements at CATS bus stops that will be assigned as Task Orders. Each Task Order is estimated to be less than $30,000 in value.


PSR # 1615

Briar Creek Phase 4 Sewer Rehab

This will be an invitation to bid for construction and will consist of cured-in-place pipe lining, manhole rehab, and other miscellaneous services for several thousand linear feet of current infrastructure. This was originally paired with the Paw Creek/Diversion project and will now be two separate construction projects.

Paw Creek Sewer Rehabilitation and Diversion Structure

This will be an invitation to bid for construction that will consist of cured-in-place pipe lining, manhole rehab, and a sewer diversion structure. The diversion consists of 200-300 linear feet of sewer pipe and several new manholes. A procurement officer has already been assigned to this.

Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility Solids Forcemain

Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility is a new 15 million gallons per day greenfield facility that will serve as CLTWater’s 6th Water Resource Recovery Facility. Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility will not have solids treatment onsite. The Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility solids pump station will send the solids stream to another CLTWater water resource recovery facility for treatment. This is a hard bid construction project to build the first phase of the offsite forcemain.