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Posting Number 2023-Q2(Apr-Jun)-CAO-9228

Anticipated Posting Date 2023-06-21

Commodity Code(s): 91858, 91874, 95368, 96149, 96150

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The City is seeking outside counsel for a broad range of legal services, in a number of substantive areas. The legal services to be provided within each area include performing legal analyses, providing oral and written opinions and advice, drafting legal documents and instruments appropriate to the specified fields of expertise such as contracts, leases, rules, and procedures; and representing the City in court at both trial and appellate levels and before administrative agencies, arbitrators, and other tribunals as necessary. Proposers with expertise in some, but not all, of these areas or portions of the scope are invited to submit a Proposal pertaining to their area of expertise. The City Attorney’s Office anticipates creating a list of qualified attorneys or law firms for referral of specific matters. Being designated as a qualified attorney or law firm does not imply that an attorney or firm will be assigned a matter.


Last Updated: 06/23/23
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