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CATS MOW – Special Track Work Contractor


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Posting Number 2021-Q3(Jul-Sep)-CATS-6107

Anticipated Posting Date 2021-07-22

Commodity Code(s): 92800, 94089

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CATS is looking for a contractor to surface interlockings to maintain proper track geometry. The vendor must have the machinery to tamp through switches and crossings. Surfacing equipment must have the ability to tamp, lift, level, and line in order to remove existing faults in longitudinal and alignment faults in the track. This will be a slow process as the track geometry is constantly changing as the machine moves through the switch. Typically, it takes around 1 to 1.30 hours to complete a single switch, due to the cabling and condition. CATS will provide a pilot that will help with track access. The vendor is responsible to ensure all machines can safely traverse the alignment, specs, and diagrams for the alignment will be available from CATS if needed. Vendors will need to be RWPP certified that will be given by CATS personnel before the shift begins.

PSR 1149


Last Updated: 08/04/21
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