University City Blvd Pedestrian Crossings

This Project will install 270 LF of proposed 12′ wide multi-use-path, curb ramps, crosswalks across NC 49, Pedestrian concrete island, milling/resurfacing, storm drainage and pedestrian hybrid beacon with mast arms near the intersection of University Blvd and Mark Twain Road. This project will also install pedestrian crossings, wheelchair ramps, traffic signals milling/resurfacing and storm drainage system at the intersection of University City Blvd and Suther Rd.91347

Sardis Road North Sidewalk

This project will provide new sidewalk along Sardis Road North from Sardis Road to westernmost intersection of Rittenhouse Circle and Sardis Road North. Project length = 0.5 miles.

This project will include the following:
6′ Sidewalk
8′ Planting Strips
2′-6″ Curb and Gutter
Street Trees
Concrete Ped Refuge Island (between Kilcullen Dr. and Rittenhouse Circle)
Concrete Bus waiting pads
Retaining Walls
Curb Ramps
Storm Drainage

RFQ-Consulting Engineering Services

This Request for Qualifications is to select several firms to provide consulting engineering services on a task order on-call basis.

Generally, the Engineer will provide consulting services that may include planning, design, environmental, and construction administration. In addition, the Engineer may be asked to assist in the development of grant application as well as agreements including federal funding.

7th Street Parallel Bike Routes

This project will build bike facilities in several different locations throughout the Elizabeth neighborhood to create safer conditions and improve ease of travel for cyclists and pedestrians, including approximately 2.1 miles of sharrows, modernization of two existing rectangular rapid flashing beacons, replacement of 10 wheelchair ramps, a new pedestrian crossing at Pecan Avenue and Shenandoah Avenue, implementation of new bike detection cameras, a new full traffic signal at Bascom Street and 7th Street, and a curb extension located at the intersection of Pecan Avenue and 8th Street.

Remount Road and West Boulevard Intersection Improvements

The project consists of intersection improvements at Remount Rd and West Blvd including sidewalks, curb and gutter, decorative pavers, bus shelters with amenities, pedestrian-scale lighting, crosswalks, curb ramps, pedestrian crossing signalization, and landscaping.

Fire Apparatus Repair Services

The City is seeking a qualified provider for repairing and coordinating the repair of damage from collisions comprised of over 100 makes and models of fire equipment including engines, ladder trucks, special operations equipment, and support apparatus.

Margaret Wallace Road Sidewalk (Summerfield Ridge Lane to Marshbrooke Road)

This project will install a 6′ concrete sidewalk, 8′ planting strip, concrete curb ramps, Pedestrian Refuge Island, concrete driveways, 2′-6″ concrete curb and gutter, storm drainage systems, and street trees along Margaret Wallace Road from Summerfield Ridge Lane to Marshbrooke Road. The project length is 1,900 LF/0.40 miles.