Electrical Services

The City of Charlotte is soliciting proposals from qualified companies to provide as-needed electrical services for more than 200 municipal facilities, structures, and other assets. The city’s facilities require continuous electrical services, which range from standard maintenance to minor renovation projects and repairs. Currently, the city’s facilities include electrical service amperages from 100 to 4,000, and 120/208V and 277/480V.

The majority of electrical service requests will require initial field investigation and material/labor options, which include but are not limited to the following:

• Reviewing existing materials, electrical drawings, reports, and existing infrastructure in the facility;
• Reviewing/discussing the requested service(s) scope;
• Developing a quote for labor and/or product costs and review with city staff;
• Providing construction estimates, detailed specifications, and construction implementation schedules,
• Producing “as-built” changes to existing electrical drawings.

Interested companies must display extensive expertise with light commercial and heavy commercial installations. Some electrical services for city facilities may require expertise with industrial installations. Additionally, some projects will require installation, maintenance, and related unspecified services of electric vehicle support equipment. The city reserves the right to select more than one company for award and assign projects based on the capability of the company.

Charlotte Fire Station #37 HVAC & Plumbing Equipment Replacement

This project includes HVAC and Plumbing equipment replacements for Charlotte Fire Station #37, located at 13828 South Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28278. The scope of work includes replacing five (5) roof top air conditioning units with gas heating, one (1) roof mounted energy recovery ventilator, two (2) gas fired water heaters, and related updates to power and controls for all roof top equipment and interior VVT zone dampers. All work is to be completed in a manner to allow Charlotte Fire to maintain full access and use of the facility during the entire scope of the project.

Bridge Structures Repairs

This project involves repairing bridge structures in various locations within the city limits. This work shall consist of furnishing all labor, equipment, and materials to repair noted structures. Work includes but not limited to: concrete pavement repairs, asphalt surface sealing / repair / replacement, debris removal, soil / erosion repairs, bridge substructure / superstructure repairs, expansion joint repair / replacement, barrier rail repairs, guardrail repairs, cleaning and painting bridge structures, sealing concrete wearing surface, culvert repairs, and repairs as deemed necessary by the engineer; removing, containment and disposal of existing materials; seeding and mulching all grassed areas disturbed; all incidental items necessary to complete the project as specified and shown on the Bridge Structures Repair Details and Drawings.

CMGC – ADA Implementation – Phase 1 – Chambers

This project will address the non-conforming, physical ADA barriers to the greatest extent feasible and where applicable under code provisions. Phase 1 addresses barriers in the Char-Meck Gov’t Cntr Chamber Space. Scope includes the following, but not limited to, Doors and Door Hardware, Ramps, Seating, Millwork, Speaker Podiums, Media Pit, Dias Access and Entry Vestibule Controlled Access.

XCLT Craighead to Tryon

This project will extend the Cross Charlotte Trail main alignment from Craighead Rd to N. Tryon Street, with additional connectors to the surrounding area.

HVAC Parts and Equipment

The City of Charlotte extends an invitation for the submission of Bids to supply the City of Charlotte with HVAC apparatus, supplies, materials, and equipment.

The scope of this Invitation to Bid (ITB) is to establish a contract for the purchase, delivery and other inherently related activities of the Products.

All Products and component parts furnished shall be new, and shall comply with the specifications and terms and conditions set forth in this ITB.

Old City Hall – ADA Implementation

This solicitation will be used for addressing the physical barriers identified in the city’s ADA Transition Plan. Areas include but are not limited to; restrooms, water fountains, signage, handrails/guardrails, doors & hardware, main lobby service area, exterior sidewalks, parking, and striping.

Plumbing & Miscellaneous Supplies

This contract will provide plumbing and related supplies including, but not limited to, small tools, chemicals, adhesives, sealants, tape, safety, fasteners, plumbing repair parts and any accessories and related components necessary for new, retrofit or repairs at various city facilities.