Metrolina Regional Travel Demand Model – Technical Support

The City of Charlotte, serving as Model Custodian of the Metrolina Regional Travel Demand Model, is releasing this listing to engage a qualified firm for the purpose of technical support for the next update to the simplified tour-based Metrolina Regional Travel Demand Model (MRM). The work may involve tasks including, but not limited to:
• Technical assistance and guidance in developing household travel surveys designed to capture tour-based travel, with the potential to supplement with big data.
• Technical assistance and guidance with tour model estimation using travel survey data.
• Technical assistance and guidance with tour model calibration and validation.
• Technical assistance and guidance in developing a tour-based mode choice model (to include coordination with and endorsement by Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) and FTA.
• Additional model development guidance and assistance as needed.

Bike Charlotte Event Planning & Management Services- CANCELLED

BIKE! Charlotte is the signature program produced by the City of Charlotte to promote bicycling in Charlotte.  With this program the city aims to highlight our existing bicycle culture and provide opportunities for people, who are not regular bicyclists, to participate in bicycle rides, educational programs, and other events during the duration of BIKE! Charlotte.

In order to provide a wide range of events and programs during BIKE! Charlotte the consultant will work with community members and organizations to encourage and facilitate their participation in BIKE! Charlotte.  The contractor will solicit and schedule community run and organized events to be added to the Bike Charlotte Program; Design and implement City events; Coordinate and implement marketing activities for Bike Charlotte


Catch Basins, Grates, Frames, and Hoods

The city installs and maintains road drainage structures within the right-of-way to prevent flooding and water ponding on streets. Catch basins, grates, frames, and hoods are necessary to collect runoff from the roadway
and direct it to the stormwater collection systems. The scope of this contract would be for the furnishing and delivery of catch basins, grates, frames & hoods used by the Charlotte Department of Transportation, Street Maintenance Division.

Portland Cement

The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), Street Maintenance Division (SMD) is seeking to contract with a vendor(s) to provide Portland Type I/II Cement. All materials provided would be delivered (blow filled into silo or tanker) by the successful Bidder to a specified job site(s) or picked up at the successful Bidder’s plant by city-owned vehicles. 

Portland Cement must meet the following specifications:
AASHTO M 85 for Type I or Type II or ASTM C l 50 Standard Specification for
Portland Cement

Traffic Sign Installation Services

The City is seeking bids from qualified vendors to install traffic signs within the city limits. This request for proposals is to select a qualified vendor for the installation of street signs. It is the City’s objective to select multiple vendors based on the request for proposals for a three-year contract. The contract will have fixed pricing with possible annual price increases.

The installation of traffic signs will follow methods that are set in the 2018 NCDOT Standard Specification 900, 903, & 904.

While the City is flexible with respect to certain elements of the Traffic Sign Installation Services, the City has specific requirements and preferences for the Service delivery method.

Median Object Markers – Re-Bid

Median Object Markers are installed throughout the City by the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT).   These markers give clear indications of separations of lanes and the location of roadway medians on City streets.  The markers are bolted into asphalt or concrete to assist with traffic flow by providing clarity of lane locations in highly congested areas for both daytime and nighttime driving.

The solicitation is to establish a contract to purchase the Median Object Markers and the necessary hardware, for two years with the option to renew for three additional one-year terms.

Vision Zero On-Call Construction Services

Provide on-call construction services for Vision Zero projects including, but not limited to the following:

  • Pedestrian improvements ranging from pedestrian refuges to full signal design,
  • Safe Routes to School improvements,
  • Sidewalk gap and bus stop improvements on thoroughfares.