Cancelled-Transit Asset Management

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) would like to continue to pursue the path of Transit Asset Management which was commenced in fiscal year 2019. In 2019 we completed our initial Phase I CATS System Transit Asset Management Plan. Charlotte Area Transit System seeks to continue its momentum by the execution of its current Asset Management Plan (AMP). To achieve this goal, CATS Asset Management Team is developing the agency’s processes and decision-making tools to better facilitate the management of assets throughout their lifecycles.

To ensure the successful implementation of the current AMP CATS requires the continued services of aconsultant that is knowledgeable and has experience with an Asset Management Plan, CATS operations, and maintenance departments while utilizing the Industry best practices for asset management.

Obtaining the services of an experienced firm in the implementation of an Asset Management program can better
align spending with the agency’s goals, objectives, and to obtain the greatest return on investment (ROI) with
limited funds.


PSR 851

Bus Starter and Alternator Repair Services

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) operates  buses,  Special Transportation vehicles and support vehicles.  CATS is seeking to enter into a contract with a firm(s) to supply  components and the associated labor to recondition Alternators, Starter  Motors and Fan Motors currently used on the Charlotte Area Transit System’s (CATS) fixed route buses.







STS Bus Parts

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) operates  buses,  Special Transportation vehicles and support vehicles.  CATS is seeking to enter into a contract with a firm(s) to supply  STS bus parts.







CATS Bus Operations Motor Coach Industries OEM Parts

The Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Operations Division (CATS-BOD) is requesting bids for OEM parts for Motor Coach Industries (MCI) transit commuter coaches.   These parts will be purchased for the maintenance and service of 2001 Model D4000, 2016 Model D4500, and 2018 Model D4500 MCI commuter coaches.  

CATS Bus Operations Soap and Cleaning Solutions

The Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Operations Division (CATS-BOD) is requesting bids for a supplier to provide bulk cleaners to the two Charlotte CATS-BOD facilities.   The division uses multiple degreasers and cleaners to maintain cleanliness at multiple levels.  This contract will include supplying and maintaining the chemical storage vessels, checking and maintaining adequate levels of cleaning products, and providing product equipment repair within a 24-hour period after reporting.

Gold Line Phase 2 Traffic Signal Parts

The City of Charlotte is looking for a company to provide Traffic Signal Parts, including the pedestrian signals and controllers for the Charlotte Area Transit System Gold  Line Phase 2 project.

Gold Line Phase 2 Traffic Signal Cabinets and APS Parts

The Charlotte Area Transit System is seeking to acquire Traffic Signal Cabinets, Risers and Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) parts for the Gold  Line Phase 2 project.   These items are required to be interchangeable and function with the existing infrastructure used by the Charlotte Department of Transportation.

CATS Mobile Ticketing Application Services

The Scope of Work describes CATS’ minimal functional requirements for a mobile ticketing app. It is intended to be used as a general guide and is not a complete list nor description of all work necessary.  Proposers responding to this RFP are expected to be familiar with all aspects of project management. Additional requirements pertaining to this Work are stipulated in the Sample Contract included as an attachment to the RFP. Proposers are strongly encouraged to specifically review the requirements relating to ownership of work, data privacy, and data security that are included.

CATS is seeking a mobile ticketing app for its transit services. The app shall integrate with the CATS Genfare fare collection system.  In addition, the app shall support Transportation Network Companies (“TNC”s) used with First Mile / Last Mile.  The solution proposed shall provide CATS transit customers with a smart, intuitive, secure and reliable app for all CATS pass types including support for discounts and promotions. The app shall provide functionality for fare enforcement digital verification by either visual validation or handheld fare inspector mobile devices.

The Proposer will be responsible for providing, hosting, operating and maintaining the mobile ticketing app. CATS requires a turnkey solution that shall include design, testing, delivery, site preparation, installation, and assistance with associated hardware if necessary, software, communications, all system interfaces, all other system components, operations, maintenance, licenses, support and training. The look and feel of the application shall be branded by CATS and available for download on the iOS and Android app stores.

In addition, the mobile ticketing solution shall have the capacity to implement fare capping for all pass types. Customers using the mobile app would pay for passes until they cap out at the CATS day, weekly and monthly pass rates. This can provide an additional opportunity for riders to benefit from the discounts afforded to pass buyers without having to pay for a pass upfront.

Mobile Fare Payment Goals and Objectives

CATS expects to achieve the following goals with the implementation of a commercially available application based mobile fare payment system:

  1. Stimulate growth in ridership.
  2. Decrease dwell time.
  3. Increase ease of use for customers and improve rider experience.
  4. Reduce cash and lower cash handling costs.
  5. Increase access to fare products, especially for customers lacking convenient access to the CATS Transit Center or CATS retail partner locations.
  6. Increase access to pass products through fare capping, providing customers with opportunity to benefit from the discounts afforded to monthly pass buyers without having to pay for a monthly pass upfront