Rail Maintenance and Inventory Uniform Rental RFP/Contract

The Rail Department is requesting a new uniform and rags rental contract due to the end of contract terms on the current contract. Contract for three (3) years with one three (3)year renewal option

This will cover all Rail Maintenance Departments as well as the inventory staff.

There are two locations that will need to be serviced.

Location 1 – SBLRF
3305 Pelton Street 2nd Floor, Rear Door Charlotte, NC 28217
Location 2 – NBLRF
1911 North Brevard Dock
Charlotte, NC 28206

A complete breakdown of each department / section request will be part of the scope.

Rags rental will include a mixture of Rags and Microfiber towels.


PSR # 1562

CATS Website

This project is for the design and development of a new website for the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS). The purpose of this project is to create a user-friendly, comprehensive and transparent online platform for transit-related information and services. The website is intended to be a one-stop solution for the community to obtain real-time transit data and other relevant information about the CATS.

PSR # 1569

Conservation of Tyvola Station Wayfinding Art

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) Art in Transit is inviting qualified conservators to submit proposals to evaluate and restore a sculpture by the late artist, Dennis Oppenheim. The mixed media sculpture was installed at the Tyvola Station on the LYNX Blue Line Light Rail in 2007.

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to identify a qualified conservation professional and select the candidate with expertise needed to restore the sculpture to the artist’s original intent.

CATS is a department of the City of Charlotte, who owns and operates the City’s public transportation modes including light rail, streetcar, and bus transit. Art in Transit (AiT) is a program within CATS that is dedicated to the integration of public art within CATS’ capital projects. Art in Transit is responsible for coordination and oversight of the installation as well as
the care and maintenance of the CATS Public Art collection.

PSR # 1599


CATS Class and Compensation Study

CATS is seeking a contractor to perform a comprehensive evaluation of all positions within the CATS pay structure of the organization. The study objectives are as follows:

      • Ensure positions with similar nature and complexity of work are appropriately classified within the proposed base pay hierarchy.
      • Provide salary recommendations that align with position responsibilities.
      • Provide career pathway recommendations that provide opportunities for compensation growth.
      • Provide pay differentials between classifications that are justifiable.
      • Maintain a competitive position with the external market while recognizing internal job worth hierarchies.

    – Classification Alignment: Ensure that all positions with similar job nature and complexity are correctly categorized within the proposed base pay hierarchy.
    – Salary Alignment: Offer salary recommendations that are in line with the respective responsibilities of each position.
    – Career Progression: Recommend career pathways that facilitate opportunities for compensation growth for our employees.
    – Justifiable Pay Differentials: Establish pay differentials between job classifications that are well-founded and reasonable.
    – Market Competitiveness: Maintain our competitive standing in the external job market while simultaneously acknowledging the internal hierarchy of job worth within our organization.

    By engaging a qualified contractor to carry out this evaluation, CATS aims to optimize our compensation practices, ensuring fairness, competitiveness, and alignment with industry standards and internal structures.

    The CATS Project Manager will furnish the Contractor with all necessary documentation, including pay ranges, job classifications, and any other pertinent information essential for the completion of the study.

    PSR # 1595

Micro Transit Dedicated Providers

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is inviting proposals from qualified firm(s) to partner with CATS for the development and implementation of a new micro-transit service. The goal of micro-transit is to enhance CATS’ existing bus, light rail, and streetcar services. Micro-transit is also part of CATS’
larger goal of building a more reliable, connected, and accessible transit network for the greater Charlotte area.

PSR # 1566

General Technical Assistance On-Call Consulting Services

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) as a department of the City of Charlotte (City) plans to hire multiple professional consultant teams to provide professional services related to transit vehicles and maintenance; facility assessments and design; transit safety, training, and security planning; and transit technology support for related CATS projects. Project teams can propose on all or just one of the general technical services being requested. The various services shall be requested on an as needed basis using a negotiated work order process. The City is seeking firms whose combination of experience and personnel will provide timely, cost effective and quality professional services to the City.

PSR # 1575

BOD Floor scrubber – CANCELLED

CANCELLED – Bus Operations Division requests the one-time purchase of 7 walk-behind floor scrubbers that are suitable for oily, concrete surfaces.  The material shall be consistent with exposure to harsh detergents.

Dimensions are as follows:

Length 60” Minimum
Width 30” Minimum
Maximum Turn Around Radius 70”

PSR # 1561