BL TPSS Refresh

The current Blue Line (BL) Traction Power Substations eight (8) were put in service 16 years ago on November 4th, 2007. The manufacturer of the Traction Power Substations has closed their facility and no longer manufactures Traction Power Substations or the electrical components assembled in-house. MOW has exhausted the in-house spare parts to maintain the system, which is obsolete. An agreement with Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and MOW was arranged for the parts used in their current system to be shipped identical to CATS BL substations (as a stop-gap), which are still in serviceable condition. The first set of the parts was delivered to CATS in April 2023 and will continue until UTA has completed the mid-life overhaul of their Traction Power Substations.

The substations and BL equipment are overdue for the mid-life refresh requirement. The MOW department is focused on upgrading and refreshing the DC Switchgear of the BL substations. The remainder of the equipment can be purchased and replaced as the AC Switchgear, Transformer, and Auxiliary equipment manufacturers are still available or swapped out with an equal piece of equipment or component without necessary modification to the substation.


MOW’s goal is to rehabilitate the BL Traction Power Substations to extend their useful life and provide increased system integrity and revenue service reliability with upgraded switchgear. Another goal of this project is to upgrade and modernize the substations’ communication capabilities and integrate SCADA points from the substations to the CATS head-end SCADA system, which will mirror the Blue Line Extension Substations so that the two systems operate the same. Secheron Hasler Group is the original equipment manufacturer of the selected DC Switchgear and will be providing the parts. A sole source solicitation waiver will be required.


PSR 1697

CATS N. Davidson EVSE Hub

In June 2018, the Sustainable and Resilient Charlotte by 2050 Resolution was unanimously passed by City Council. This resolution set aggressive and aspirational municipal and community-wide greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals for the City of Charlotte. Specifically, it strives to have City fleet and facilities be fueled by 100% zero-carbon sources by 2030.The N. Davidson CATS facility currently contains many fleet vehicles and buses that are run on gasoline. In order to meet the 2030 target, The City has begun and will continue purchasing Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and equip the N. Davidson CATS facility with EV Chargers.

New Bern Drainage Replacement Project

This project is comprised of the installation of a new culvert crossing across the light rail alignment, located between New Bern Station and Poindexter Rd.

PSR # 1695

BOD bulk fluids

BOD is requesting a 5 year contract (3+1+1) for bus bulk fluids.

Fluid Specifications:

      • Diesel Oil (1): Conventional CJ-4 multi viscosity 15W40 diesel motor oil that must meet or exceed the following OEM specifications.
          • Cummins CES 20081
          • Detroit Diesel 93K218
      • Diesel Oil (2): Fully synthetic multi viscosity 5W40 diesel motor oil that must meet or exceed the following OEM specifications. o Ford WSS-M2C171-E
      • Motor Oil (1): Must be a fully synthetic 5W30 General Motors approved Dexos1 Gen 3 product.
      • Transmission Fluid (1): Must be an Allison approved TES 468 product
      • Transmission Fluid (2): Mercon LV transmission fluid that must meet or exceed the following OEM specifications.
          • Ford WSS-M2C938-A
      • Transmission Fluid (3) must meet or exceed the specifications for DEXRON VI and DEXRON HP
      • Gear Oil: Full synthetic GL-5 S.A.E. 75W140
      • Hydraulic Fluid: 5506A Hydraulic Oil
      • Grease: Premium Hi Temp EP grease with a NLGI Grade of 2
      • Coolant (1) : Coolant must meet or exceed all the following OEM specifications.
          • Ford WSS-M97B44-D2
          • Cummins 14603
      • Coolant (2) Must meet or exceed the current DEXCOOL specification.
      • DEF: Must be API Certified and meet ISO 22241 standards

PSR # 1689

Bus tire leasing

BOD is seeking a lessor to furnish and maintain tires that meet specifications for Gillig eGenFlex and Battery electric busses.  The initial term will be three (3) years with the option to renew twice for one year each.


PSR # 1682

BOD Fork Lifts

Bus Operations Division (BOD) for the City of Charlotte is requesting quotes/bids for the purchase of a total of five (5) fork lifts.  The amount and models requested are listed below.  Specs to be provided on solicitation link once posted.

– Diesel Forklift with 8,000 lbs. rated load capacity (Qty: 2)
– Diesel Forklift with 3,000 lbs. rated load capacity (Qty: 2)
– Electric Forklift with minimum of 3,000 lbs. rated load capacity (Qty: 1)

PSR # 1683

Morehead Pedestrian Crossing Upgrade

This project will be comprised of reconfiguring the Morehead Pedestrian Crossing to provide safety measures and visibility ahead of the I-277 Pedestrian Bridge project.

For pavement markings on CATS owned streets, roadways, and parking lots, the materials used in the Work shall be a NCDOT preapproved product such as Ennis-Flint TrafficPatterns, Transpo Industries Color-Safe, or approved equal.

The pavement marking shall be a preformed red bar measuring 4 inches wide by 10 feet in length with “STOP HERE” lettering in White.

The materials shall be applied using the propane torch method recommended by the manufacturer. A compatible primer sealer may be applied before application to assure proper adhesion. The material must be able to be applied without minimum requirements for ambient and sidewalk temperatures and without any preheating of the sidewalk to a specific temperature. The material must be able to be applied without the use of a thermometer. The sidewalk shall be clean, dry and free of debris. Supplier must enclose application instructions with each box/package.

All pavement markings will be paid by the horizontal linear foot. Such prices and payment will be considered full compensation for furnishing all materials, tools, labor, and equipment.

PSR # 1686

Bus Transmissions and replacement parts

BOD requests a 5-year for contract for Bus Transmission and Transmission parts. The selected vendor would supply all Original Manufacturer transmission parts for all of Charlotte Area Transit System’s Bus Operations.

PSR # 1662

Bus Pneumatic Parts

Charlotte Area Transit System’s Bus Operations is requesting a contract to support all Bus Pneumatic parts. The vendor would be responsible to supply parts for all potential Bus Manufacturers. The contract will have a 3-year initial term with 2 optional one-year renewals.

PSR # 1638