CTC and LYNX Blue Line Parking Decks Property Management and Leasing RFP

The City of Charlotte is seeking to contract with a commercial property management company to provide leasing and property management services for the following property used by its public transportation department, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS):

Site #1—Charlotte Transit Center (CTC),

Site #2—University City Blvd (UCB) Parking Deck

Site #3—JW Clay Parking Deck

Site #4— I-485/S Blvd Parking Deck

Site #5— Sugar Creek Parking Deck

The Services provided by the Service Provider will include but not be limited to:

• Day-to-day building operations;

• Subcontracting for various services and products including janitorial, landscape maintenance, maintenance and repairs of building systems, and other services not provided by the Service Provider;

• Financial management and reporting;

• Tenant/Owner relations;

• Commercial marketing and leasing services.

The City desires to contract with a Service Provider that can provide both leasing services as well as real estate property management services on a location by location basis. Service Provider needs a combination of experience and expertise that will provide timely, cost-effective, and quality professional services. The City will evaluate the Proposals submitted to determine which Service Provider and Proposed Solution will best meet the City’s needs.

PSR # 1667

South End Station – Track/Systems CMAR RFP

South End Station will design and construct a new light rail station adjacent to the Publix Supermarket and 2161 Hawkins development in South End. Initially, the project team selected Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) as the appropriate method to deliver the entire project. The City issued a RFP in 2023 but received no proposals.

Following contractor interviews and further analysis, the team divided construction into two packages, Track/Systems and Civil/Station. The Track/Systems Package will be delivered by CMAR through contracts for pre-construction services and construction (later). The pre-construction services contract will include some consulting services for both packages. The Civl/Station Package will be advertised for bid in the future.

This PSR is to request development and advertisement of a RFP for the CMAR. Draft RFP and contract documents are stored separately in a Sharepoint site set up by Legal with access granted to Procurement. The design consultant is developing a cost estimate for the pre-construction services and Track/Systems construction contracts. The cost estimate in this process is a rough estimate.

PSR # 1633

FY 2022 Section 5310 Call For Projects

The Charlotte Area Transit System is soliciting proposals for the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Grant Program (Section 5310).  Section 5310 funds are available for capital and operating expenses to support transportation projects that meet the special transportation needs of seniors (individuals 65 years and older) and individuals with disabilities.  All projects must be situated in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Urbanized area and must be derived from the Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan for the Charlotte Urbanized Area (FY2022-FY2027). Eligible subrecipients include state or local government organizations, private nonprofit organizations, and operators of public transportation.

RFP: 269-2024-1609

PSR – 1609

Bus On-Site Inspection

BOD requests a five year service contract for on-site bus inspection.  Specifically, a Contractor is being sought to conduct transit bus line inspection and secondary in-plant quality assurance services. The overall goal for these services is to ensure that each of the vehicles being produced is manufactured in compliance with 49 CFR Part 663, “Pre-Award and Post-Delivery Audits of Rolling Stock Purchases” regulations and 49 CFR 661 “Buy America” requirements; as amended by the “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation” (FAST) Act. These inspections also ensure that the vehicles comply fully with the specifications of the order, and ensure that each vehicle is free from defects.

PSR # 1637

Bus Stop and Miscellaneous Construction Services

The scope of work is miscellaneous small construction projects involving improvements at CATS bus stops that will be assigned as Task Orders. Each Task Order is estimated to be less than $30,000 in value.


PSR # 1615

Conservation of Tyvola Station Wayfinding Art

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) Art in Transit is inviting qualified conservators to submit proposals to evaluate and restore a sculpture by the late artist, Dennis Oppenheim. The mixed media sculpture was installed at the Tyvola Station on the LYNX Blue Line Light Rail in 2007.

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to identify a qualified conservation professional and select the candidate with expertise needed to restore the sculpture to the artist’s original intent.

CATS is a department of the City of Charlotte, who owns and operates the City’s public transportation modes including light rail, streetcar, and bus transit. Art in Transit (AiT) is a program within CATS that is dedicated to the integration of public art within CATS’ capital projects. Art in Transit is responsible for coordination and oversight of the installation as well as
the care and maintenance of the CATS Public Art collection.

PSR # 1599


CATS Class and Compensation Study

CATS is seeking a contractor to perform a comprehensive evaluation of all positions within the CATS pay structure of the organization. The study objectives are as follows:

      • Ensure positions with similar nature and complexity of work are appropriately classified within the proposed base pay hierarchy.
      • Provide salary recommendations that align with position responsibilities.
      • Provide career pathway recommendations that provide opportunities for compensation growth.
      • Provide pay differentials between classifications that are justifiable.
      • Maintain a competitive position with the external market while recognizing internal job worth hierarchies.

    – Classification Alignment: Ensure that all positions with similar job nature and complexity are correctly categorized within the proposed base pay hierarchy.
    – Salary Alignment: Offer salary recommendations that are in line with the respective responsibilities of each position.
    – Career Progression: Recommend career pathways that facilitate opportunities for compensation growth for our employees.
    – Justifiable Pay Differentials: Establish pay differentials between job classifications that are well-founded and reasonable.
    – Market Competitiveness: Maintain our competitive standing in the external job market while simultaneously acknowledging the internal hierarchy of job worth within our organization.

    By engaging a qualified contractor to carry out this evaluation, CATS aims to optimize our compensation practices, ensuring fairness, competitiveness, and alignment with industry standards and internal structures.

    The CATS Project Manager will furnish the Contractor with all necessary documentation, including pay ranges, job classifications, and any other pertinent information essential for the completion of the study.

    PSR # 1595

Micro Transit Dedicated Providers

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is inviting proposals from qualified firm(s) to partner with CATS for the development and implementation of a new micro-transit service. The goal of micro-transit is to enhance CATS’ existing bus, light rail, and streetcar services. Micro-transit is also part of CATS’
larger goal of building a more reliable, connected, and accessible transit network for the greater Charlotte area.

PSR # 1566

General Technical Assistance On-Call Consulting Services

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) as a department of the City of Charlotte (City) plans to hire multiple professional consultant teams to provide professional services related to transit vehicles and maintenance; facility assessments and design; transit safety, training, and security planning; and transit technology support for related CATS projects. Project teams can propose on all or just one of the general technical services being requested. The various services shall be requested on an as needed basis using a negotiated work order process. The City is seeking firms whose combination of experience and personnel will provide timely, cost effective and quality professional services to the City.

PSR # 1575