MOW Traction Power Substation Battery Replacement

The CATS LYNX Light Rail system maintains 26 traction power substations that provide 750VDC overhead power to the Blue Line Alignment. Each of these locations require a stand-by battery system to that is designed to power critical control circuits for up to 8 hours in the event of a utility power failure.
Each bank consists of 10 Marathon M12V90 AGM sealed lead-acid batteries, now obsolete, replaced by the CSB HRL12330W. There are 12 locations where the batteries have been in service past the 5-year recommended replacement interval.
The scope of work will be to replace 120 batteries of comparable type (insert new battery info here or above) and perform preventive maintenance and inspection of each battery charger in Traction Power Substations 3,5,7,9, 12-17, 18 and 20.
1. Isolation of the battery bank from the TPSS
2. Disconnection and removal of the existing batteries from the rack
3. Inspection of the existing hardware for defects and correcting any deficiencies
4. Installing the new batteries
5. Torquing all fasteners to the appropriate values
6. Perform battery charger preventive maintenance and inspection
6. Verify and document in-service voltage and ampacity of each cell and the complete bank
7. Restore all TPSS control power equipment to its original configuration and verifying proper operation
8. Removal and proper disposal of the old batteries.
The contractor will be required to have all employees working on the project successfully complete a
Roadway Worker Protection (RWPP) course which will be provided by CATS free of charge. MOW will
provide access to the work locations and escort contract personnel while they are in the performance of
their duties.

PSR # 1335

CATS Owner Representative for Charlotte Transportation Center (CTC) Redevelopment Project

The CATS Owner’s Representative will provide design oversight for the Charlotte Transportation Center (CTC) Redevelopment Project to be designed and constructed by others. The Owner’s Representative will ensure and support compliance with City and CATS policies, design standards and principles, budget and scheduling, as well as conformance to safety and security guidelines for up to 72 months. The CTC Redevelopment Project is a multi-phase, mixed use development funded through a public-private partnership.

PSR # 1496

Canceled FY23 STS Bus Purchase

FY23 STS Bus Purchase on contract 2022000876. Purchase of 8 vehicles at $219,390 per contract. To be delivered (driven) to 900 North Davidson 8-12 Months after Purchase Order is completed.

PSR # 1454

Bus Charger Parts

Contract for purchase and stocking on parts for ABB Bus Chargers to allow staff to conduct needed repairs in a timely manner. This is a commodity only purchase, no services are needed.

PSR # 1492

CATS III 300K Truck Overhaul – CANCELLED

CATS III 300K TRUCK OVERHAUL-The vehicle’s system has reached the recommended maintenance intervals for performance. This project will accomplish the original equipment manufacturer requirements for the truck, hydraulic and braking portion of the OEM recommendations. The RCM department will support the Truck Overhaul project by removing and preparing for the shipment of the selected equipment. The Rail Inventory department will coordinate the shipment to the selected vendors for overhauls. The contracted vendor will perform the required maintenance to specifications and meet all the OEM standards.

Scope Statement:

The selected contractor will manage the complete project, which includes performing the truck equipment overhaul and serving as the contact for overhauling the Braking and Hydraulic equipment. The S70 Truck overhaul requires that the truck, hydraulic, and braking equipment systems be repaired per the OEM specifications.

From the Notice to Proceed (NTP), the vendor will order the equipment for the overhaul. The selected contractor will be required to overhaul, remove and replace/upgrade all identified equipment by the OEM. The contractor must pick up the prototype or the first set of trucks, perform the overhaul, and return each set of LRV equipment. Then according to the specified start schedule, the first car set, which comprises three trucks, will be picked up from the CATS facility and delivered to the contractor’s facility for overhaul.

The overhaul duration of the first and second trucks will be determined via RFP responses. It will include the delivery schedule upon receiving the RFP to include door-to-door pickup and delivery of all overhauled LRV equipment.

PSR # 1442

Transit Management Services

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS), a department of the City of Charlotte, is seeking a qualified Contractor to provide professional transit management services for the Bus Operations Division (BOD). CATS is seeking a partner to operate and maintain its Fixed Route Bus and Maintenance Services. Service Provider will provide all personnel necessary to perform the Services and all other goods and ancillary services needed to deliver the Services. The ideal partner will be service-oriented and aggressively focused on ensuring the best possible experience for our customers through collaboration and data-driven continuous improvement processes.


PSR # 1363

Blue Line – Tile Column Repairs

Repair tile columns at 11 Blue Line stations that were installed in 2007. Reasons for repair include vandalism, bullnose wear on top course causing tile failure, and other freeze/thaw issues.

PSR # 1488

LYNX Silver Line Equitable Transit-Oriented Development Policy and Implementation Study

The ETOD Policy and Implementation Plan will be developed to achieve the City’s goals of creating transit oriented development along the Silver Line is equitable, multimodal and economically resilient. There will be two phases to this Policy and Implementation Plan- Phase 1 will consist of a community driven road map to develop equitable policies that center around cultural, social, economical, and environmental resilience and housing stability within station areas. A co-created policy between vulnerable station-area community members and small business owners facing displacement risks. Phase 2 will focus on implementation and transforming policy frameworks into actionable steps.

PSR # 1457

Rail Inventory Vendor Managed Inventory System

The Charlotte Area Transit System of Charlotte, North Carolina, (CATS) is seeking proposals for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Services under the negotiated method of procurement from qualified Proposers (Contractors).

The aim will be for a Contractor to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts for our fleet of Siemens’s Light Rail Vehicles (S70 and S700) under the VMI framework. Contractor must be able to streamline supply chain purchases to provide cost savings through production, procurement, warehouse, and distribution efficiencies across all parts identified in Exhibit “B” CATS VMI Parts List.

PSR # 1382