Marketing Agency Services – CLT Programs and Areas of Business

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (“CLT”) is seeking marketing agency services to support various CLT programs and areas of the business to both internal and external audiences. These include, but are not limited to: Parking, CLT Airport App, Concessions, Air Service, Customer Amenities, Commercial and Community Engagement and Employee Recruitment.

The term of the Contract shall be for three (3) years with two (2) optional one (1) year renewals.

Concourse A Expansion Phase II Commissioning Services

Charlotte Douglas International Airport  is seeking statement of qualifications (“SOQ”) from qualified and experienced firms (individually or collectively, the “Firm”) interested in providing Commissioning Professional Services for the Concourse A Expansion Phase 2.

  • Commissioning must be completed to ensure that all building systems are installed and perform interactively according to the Owner’s program and their program requirements
  • Verification that applicable equipment and systems are installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and to industry accepted minimum standards and that each receives adequate operational checkout by installing Contractors.
  • Verification that O&M documentation that is required of the Contractor is complete.

CLT Center Storm Drainage Project

This project is located in a parking lot behind the CLT Center located at 5601 Wilkinson Boulevard in Charlotte, NC.  The purpose of the project is to install new pipe to contain and drain runoff from the building to an existing storm drainage system at the rear of the parking lot.  The work involves installation of reinforced concrete pipe, storm drainage structures, asphalt surface, and re-striping the parking lot within the construction corridor.

Concourses B and C Gate Modifications


The project scope includes the modifications to the arrangement of the gate counters at B concourse, gates B1-B4, and C concourse, gates C2-C5 & C7, to mitigate congestion at the north end of each concourse. The project also includes modifications required to existing partitions upon relocation of art walls, floor cores for power and data, and revised seating layouts.

Air Handler Unit 57 Replacement on Concourse C – POSTPONED

This will be a turnkey project. Company shall provide and install all new equipment and all associated materials to match the engineered drawings and specifications. Replace one air handler on C concourse according to drawings produced by engineer. Estimated time of completion is less than 6 months

CLT – On Call Demolition Services

The scope of this contract shall be to provide demolition and abatement services for removing various commercial and residential structures around the airport.

The term of the Contract shall be for three (3) years with two (2) optional one (1) year renewals.


The scope of this contract shall be to provide asbestos and lead based paint reports on structures the Airport intends to demolish.

The term of the Contract shall be for three (3) years with two optional one-year renewals.