Airport Main Entrance Landscape Additions

Work to include amending, planting, mulching, chemical application, watering, and all other operations as described herein to create an aesthetic extension to the existing landscape.  Only areas circled on plan maps are in the current scope. To scale AutoCAD plans are available upon request. Work areas are at the intersection of Josh Birmingham and Wilkinson Blvd. and extend
up to the intersection of Scott Futrell.  The contractor is responsible for all utility locates.  Watering services shall be a part of the scope and performed as often as needed for one year after final acceptance to ensure all material remains in a healthy and viable growing condition. If during that time material becomes unacceptably dry or otherwise in poor condition due to watering or lack thereof the monthly payments shall not be made.  Alternate: This work is to remove and replace all magnolias and all gingkos on the west side of
the road in between Scott Futrell and Wilkinson Blvd. with new material of the same species in a 3” caliper. Watering services are part of this alternate.

Air Handler Unit #63 Replacement

The scope of this contract shall be to provide the installation of an air handling unit (#63) to provide the additional air flow and cooling needed to satisfy the heat load on this section of concourse “E”. The contract term is 90 days.

Parking Management and Staffing Services

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (“CLT” or “Airport”), which is owned and operated by the City of Charlotte, North Carolina (“City”), is seeking Proposals from qualified and experienced companies (individually or collectively, the “Proposer”) interested  in Parking Management and Staff Services.

Airport Traffic Services

Direct pedestrian, vehicular and construction-related traffic on upper and lower levels of the terminal entrances, and other areas as assigned, to prevent congestion.  Provide information to the public and give directions to airport and off-airport locations. Provide exceptional customer service while maintaining an obstruction-free walkway for the movement of pedestrians across the crosswalk.  Provides assistance to individuals needing help crossing the street. Directing smokers to appropriate smoking areas. Report unattended bags. Perform other duties as required. Use proper radio etiquette for communication over the radio.

Add Portable Generator Provisions

This solicitation will be to provide a connection point for a portable generator hookup at our Fleet Maintenance Facility. The desired emergency loads will have to be divided out into an emergency panel and the emergency panel will be supplied by a manual transfer switch. The Airport would like the generator to provide standby power for the fire pump, front office computer loads, shop air compressor, trapeze power throughout the shop, all lighting, tire rack balancer and mounter, oil lube pumps, etc.  The term for this contract is four months.

Overflow Lots 1 and 2 Crack Sealing (Construction)

This project will consist of approximately 75,000 LF (not to exceed) of crack sealing in Overflow Parking, Lots 1 & 2.

The contractor will properly remove/clean vegetation and debris from cracks and hot pour crack seal in running/random cracks throughout each lot.
Heavily alligator cracked areas will be excluded in lieu of asphalt patching under separate contract.  These areas will be identified on site prior to commencement of work.   Cleaning and sealing of concrete at concrete/asphalt joints (at curbs and islands) are not included.
Parking Lots will be empty and clear of vehicles during this work

Overflow Lots 1 & 2 Asphalt Patching (Construction)

This project will consist of Asphalt Patching in Overflow Parking for Lots 1 & 2.:

1. Approximately 7,500 square feet of asphalt patching at 2” depth per NCDOT Standards
2. Approximately 3,200 square feet of asphalt patching at 10.5” depth per standard below.

Compact 6” ABC stone will be included, as needed, estimated at 100 tons.

These areas will be identified/confirmed on site prior to commencement of work.  Parking lots will be empty and clear of vehicles during this work.

Airfield Deicing Chemicals

During inclement weather events, the Airport supports aircraft and passenger operations with pavement chemicals.

Liquid and solid deicing chemicals are used throughout the facility to treat surfaces to minimize the formation of ice.

On-Call Landscaping Services (Cancel)

Landscaping services for the airport to include but not limited to edge-line clearing, small scale tree trimming, full clearing of wooded areas, heavy equipment for brush mow work, road shoulder clearing with tree removal, slope clearing, soil and seeding work,

Landscape Services are broken into zones.  Zones have been advertised.