Emergency Snow and Ice Removal Services

This project includes snow removal and/or barricading services by either plowing, sweeping, shoveling, or any combination as may be required to provide safe, clear, and unobstructed foot and vehicle travel at city maintained facilities including, but not limited, to parking lots, parking decks, driveways, sidewalks, stairways, and, in some instances, building entrances.

The selected Company will provide snow removal services on an on-call, as-needed basis. Work will be performed in response to requests made by the City’s Project Manager. All services will require advance authorization. The selected company will provide all personnel, equipment, tools, supplies, supervision, and any other items necessary to perform snow removal services. Rental equipment and subcontracting of portions of the work without specific prior authorization will not be accepted.

Beaverdam Creek Pump Station Expansion

This project includes upgrading the Beaverdam Creek Pump Station. Work will involve removing two sets of the existing two-stage pumps and installing four sets of two-stage pumps. Work also includes installing surge tanks and implementing interior modifications to the wet well to improve the hydraulics during self-cleaning operations.

Rivergate Parkway Bridge

This project will install a bridge over Hoover Creek connecting two ends of Rivergate Parkway. The project will provide vehicular and pedestrian access between neighborhoods and local retail. The project amenities include: sidewalk, curb and gutter and the bridge connection.

McCullough Streetscape Project

Originating from the Northeast Corridor Infrastructure (NECI) Program, this project proposes to provide a new street connection by extending McCullough Drive from North Tryon Street to the existing dead end at Ken Hoffman Drive. This project will include two travel lanes, planting strips, curb & gutter, asphalt milling and paving, storm drainage, utility relocation, erosion control, bike lanes, sidewalk, Post Construction Stormwater Ordinance (PCSO) underground storage vaults, and retaining wall improvements. This project will improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility between North Tryon Street and W.T. Harris Boulevard.

JW Clay Blvd. Streetscape

The project will widen sections of JW Clay Blvd to a four-lane cross section with left turn lanes, bike lanes, cycle track, sidewalk, and other improvements.

Monroe Road Multi Use Path (MUP)

The purpose of this project is to provide safer pedestrian conditions along Monroe Road from Eaton Road to McCullen Way. Currently, there are two active city projects in the vicinity of this project. This MUP will fill a key gap between these two projects, providing a safer and more connected route for pedestrians and cyclists.

Shamrock Drive Complete Street

Project limits are from Beckwith Place to Flamingo Ave (0.9 miles). Project includes new turn lanes, sidewalks, painted buffered bike lanes, two roundabouts, wheelchair ramps, ped medians, driveways, curb and gutter, storm drainage, street trees, public art and pedestrian crossings.

Central Kilbourne Norland Intersection & Street Upgrade

Limits are from Woodland Dr. to just south of Havenwood Rd. / Kilborne Dr. intersection (.87 miles). The project includes a new urban greenspace named Potter Place (including public art), separated bike lanes, protected intersection improvements at Central Ave., wayfinding, storm drainage, street trees, and pedestrian medians.