Psychological Services and Fit for Duty Evaluations – RFP

Psychological Services – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) officers have access to sensitive, protected information, and hold positions of trust in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community. To assist in maintaining this trust, CMPD conducts a thorough evaluation of potential Recruits to ensure that the best qualified are selected. A psychological evaluation is a required as a component of the selection process. Additionally, CMPD offers psychological services (e.g. counseling) to several segments of its workforce and shall require Employees who exhibit troubling behaviors to undergo a fit-for-duty evaluation in certain circumstances.

Community Support Response Program

The City of Charlotte is seeking a qualified entity, with a local presence – or a collaborative partnership between qualified entities, each with a local presence – to provide community support services to community members who are experiencing problems related to mental health, depression, poverty, homelessness and/or substance abuse issues. The selected vendor or vendors will provide certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Licensed Behavioral Health Clinicians (Clinicians) to staff a non-law enforcement pilot program to respond to low-risk behavioral health calls for service and assess and connect residents in distress with appropriate services.  Vendors are invited to apply to provide either EMTs, Clinicians, or both for this program.