Central Services Cost Allocation Plan

The City of Charlotte prepares and adopts an annual Central Services Cost Allocation Plan (CAP) to equitably divide the cost for all support departments, including overhead, as well as other designated City costs.  A  RFP will be issued to select a consulting Partner to create a new CAP model.

Revenue Cashiering and Merchant Services

The City is interested in procuring a computer application for cashiering and revenue collection. The City is currently undergoing a transformation to Workday ERP for Human Resources, Financials and Budget. It is preferred that the Cashiering System solution have existing integration connectors to Workday Financials and Banner Utility billing which is used by Charlotte Water.

Enterprise Asset Management RFP

The current Asset Management software is end-of-life and has no redundancy. Technology along with all other CATS lines of business will participate in an RFP to replace this vital software system.


PSR # 1372

CLT – Aviation Financial Feasibility Consultant Services

These services shall include providing Financial Feasibility Consultant Services in connection with the issuance(s) and sale(s) of airport bonds and other debt for the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, a City of Charlotte department (CLT).

These services are anticipated to be a multi-year contract (Three (3) year initial contract term + two (2) x one (1) year extensions).

Airport Financial, Business & Revenue, and Passenger Facility Charges Consulting Services

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport is seeking proposals from experienced, qualified Service Providers in a variety of Financial Consulting, Business, and Revenue Services to provide ongoing support and guidance of the Airport’s daily financial operations and activities. Specific areas addressed within the Scope of Services for this RFP include the following:

• Airport Financial Consulting Services;
• Airport Business and Revenue Consulting Services; and
• Airport Passenger Facility Charges Services.

Service Providers are encouraged to submit proposals for any or all of the above Services. The City may elect to award some or all of the Services to one or more Service Providers. While the City is flexible with respect to certain elements of its proposed relationship with the Airport Financial, Business & Passenger Facility Charges Consulting Services Service Provider(s), the City has certain preferences for that relationship and has developed the following proposed model for that relationship.

Aviation Financial Advisory Services – CANCELLED

CANCEL: Charlotte Douglas International Airport is seeking a Company to provide specialized professional assistance in managing the financing and implementation of the Aviation Capital Investment Plan and the preparation of financial statements, feasibility reports, and other financial items.

Investment Custodian and Trustee Services

The City is seeking one or more service providers to provide investment custodian and trustee services.

The primary role of the Investment Custodian Service Provider will be to provide trust custody accounts and safe-keeping services for the City’s Consolidated Investment Pool and the Long-Term Investment Program (LTIP).  The City’s $2.5B Consolidated Investment Pool is part of its daily operations and is invested under North Carolina G.S. 159-30 and 159-31. The LTIP has a total market value of approximately $100M and is an investment program in which the City’s long-term capital reserves are invested under expanded investment authorization outlined in State Law G.S. 147-69.2(b)(1)-(6) and (8) to diversify investment assets of the City and provide a funding source for future Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) obligations.

The primary role of the Trustee Services Provider will be to establish, hold, maintain and manage segregated trust accounts in accordance with bond documents and in compliance with federal tax law.