CATS MOW Tremont Grade Crossing Gate Mast Relocation FY24 Shutdown

Contractor shall furnish the necessary equipment, traffic control and labor to remove the existing west bound traffic gate and install a new gate per the approved Plans. The Owner (CATS) shall provide the existing cable, gate foundation and new crossing gate, with all appurtenances, to be installed.
Contractor shall:
A. Contractor shall submit a schedule and detailed workplan for approval prior to the start of work.
B. Contractor shall develop, and submit for approval, test procedures and test forms for the new gate and crossing prior to executing field work.
C. Set up approved traffic control to protect the crossing during the Work both vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic..
D. Remove the existing gate and deliver it to the North Yard Maintenance Facility or other CATS property as directed.
E. Remove all, or a sufficient amount, of the gates’ foundation so as to replace the soil and sidewalk.
F. Contractor shall demolish the sidewalk and excavate for a new gate foundation per approved Plans. Existing conduit shall be intercepted and rerouted into the new foundation. Contractor shall provide the necessary conduit, sweeps, supports, couplings and glue. Existing cable shall be un-landed, tested and terminated for the new gate.
G. Contractor shall remove and install new ADA compliant Truncated Dome.
H. Contractor shall set the new foundation and gate, provided by the Owner, and adjust gate arm length, counterweights, arm lights and light directions per the approved Plans and MUTCD requirements.
I. Contractor shall test the new gate and crossing operation.
J. Contractor shall submit test results for review and approval.

PSR #1476

Blue Line Rail Operations – Stabilizing Crossing Tubs

The following specification is for work on 2 crossings Sweden and Hebron Rd. CATS is looking to stabilize and level crossing tub panels that are pumping. This will involve 5 outbound panels at Sweden and 4 inbound panels at Hebron. CATS will require the contractor to pump a polyurethane stabilization foam that is specifically designed to fill under the crossing structures without causing lift by filling the void that was created from these tubs pumping.

Each crossing on the Blue Line has a soil consist of solid particles and the spaces (voids) between these particles. However, void spaces in soil has caused big problems for these road crossings. Under concentrated loads, crossing tubs can literally squeeze air and water from soil as traffic transverse over it. When this happens, the soil sinks and crossing tubs follow closely behind and begin to pump creating defects and damaging the tubs.

The contractor will simply drill strategically placed holes into each panel. Using a portable pump and flexible hoses, they will fill these holes with the mixture (polyurethane foam) Lifting the panel crossing using this method. The contractor will perform this work during a weekend or beginning at non-revenue hours. CATS requires the contractor to provide a work schedule that will show a timetable of beginning work to completion for both Sweden and Hebron Rd. Crossings.


Emergency Egress Gate Additions

Fabricate and install new galvanized emergency egress gates and galvanized gate posts at Tom Hunter (three new gates) University City Boulevard (six new gates) McCullough (three new gates) and J W Clay (six new gates) stations for a total of 18 new gates. New gates and gate posts are to match existing gates and gate posts submittal drawings.