Franklin Water Treatment Plant Clearwell Improvements

Charlotte Water is requesting bids for construction of the Franklin Water Treatment Plant Clearwell project. This project includes installation of large diameter (72 to 120 inch) pipes, valves, and fittings. It also includes constructing a new chemical feed system, including a new building, pumps, storage silos, and chemical piping.

McAlpine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent Filter Backwash Blowers

Charlotte Water will be seeking bids for the purchase two Gardner Denver centrifugal blowers for its McAlpine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. These blowers are to be utilized for backwashing effluent filters. Awarded bidder will be responsible for the shipment of the items to the facility. The equipment will be installed as part of a future construction contract. The needed control panels will be supplied by a third party.

Bid price will include a one-year warranty from the time of installation or 18 months from the time of delivery. Bid price will also include up to three one-day site visits to assist Charlotte Water’s third party contractor with installation and start-up as required.


Condenser Water Loop System – Concourse E- Phase 9 – Sycamore Brewing & PDQ

The purpose of this contract is to build a complete Condenser Water Loop as designed by AME Consulting Engineers. The system will be designed using a shell and tube heat exchanger connected to the Airport’s Central Chiller Plant, chilled water piping, to provide tempered condenser water for the food concessions, water-cooled, condensing units on walk-in cooler and freezers. Contract term 90 days.

Pump and Motor Repair Service

This project will be to source a company to provide Charlotte Water with an electric pump and motor repair service.  Some work will include repairs on explosion-proof (“EX”)-rated motors designed for use in hazardous areas and motor drive units.  Work shall be performed to achieve a consistent, high-quality repair and/or reconditioning of a failed motor, and shall restore the motor to as-manufactured condition with the least service interruption feasibly possible.  Service shall also include repairs to close-coupled pumps, such as submersible units.

Pump & Motor Repair

Provide repair and maintenance service for pumps and motors throughout Charlotte Water

Small Generator Repair/Maintenance

Provide annual preventative maintenance and repairs of Charlotte Water diesel powered emergency generator units (except where noted) of up to 200 KW in size