Fuel Line Replacement (Canceled Re-Advertise Later Date)

Replace the fuel lines serving the Bank of America and Wilson Air fuel dispending cabinets from the fuel farm. The work includes a combination of fuel line removal/replacement and piping/dispenser cabinet modifications.  The associated civil site work includes demolition, minor fencing, asphalt pavement milling, pavement removal, asphalt paving, and landscaping.

Project will Re-Advertise at a later date.

Fix Base Operations (FBO) Fuel Line Repair and Replacement – CANCELLED

Remove existing fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe and install new steel jet fuel piping from FBO tank farm to fueling cabinets on the FBO ramp.  Most removal will be direct excavation.  The removed material is anticipated to need environmental disposal off-site.  New material will be required to fill the trench after a new pipe is placed.  Some directional boring is required under the taxiway.


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