Franklin Water Treatment Plant Main Building Renovations

This will be a request for an architectural and engineering service package to retrofit the Franklin Water Treatment Plant Administrative Building. Phase 1 will include overall schematics, the proposed layout of the building, structural assessment, existing conditions drawings, and mapping. Phase 2 will include detailed engineering and structural design, along with architectural design. Phase 3 will include technology requests (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system, security, etc.), construction phasing/planning office spaces, finishings, exterior and landscaping. Phase 4 will include project permitting and construction admin services. There is a potential for the renovations to be broken up into smaller projects after Phase 1 is complete.

978 Zone Water Transmission Main and Booster Pump Station

Project consists of a large diameter water transmission main and booster pump station. Request for Qualifications and engineering services design contract for a water transmission main from Franklin Water Treatment Plant to Statesville Avenue and 978 Zone Booster Pump Station (Northeast Water Transmission Project). Preliminary assessment of project alternatives being completed now.

Upper Little Sugar Creek Interceptor Design

Design of Upper Little Sugar Creek Interceptor (at least Ph 1 from Wastewater Treatment Plant to East Boulevard).  Complete project extends from Sugar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant to Sugar Creek Rd.  Brown and Caldwell is OA.

Professional Engineering Services for Water Sewer Authority of Cabarrus County (WSACC) Rocky River Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (RRRWWTP) Expansion Project

Charlotte Water (CLTWater) is soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from qualified engineering companies (Company or Proposer) to provide supplemental project management (PM) services for the Water Sewer Authority Cabarrus County (WSACC) Rocky River Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (RRRWTP) Expansion Project (Project). In anticipation of growth within the RRRWTP service area and additional demand by Charlotte Water, specifically from growth and flow diversion from the Back Creek Sewer Basin, Water Sewer Authority of Cabarrus County (WSACC) is looking to expand the RRRWWTP from 26.5 MGD to 34 MGD. In addition, Charlotte Water intends to expand its purchased treatment capacity at the RRRWWTP by additional 3 MGD, from the current 6 MGD current purchased capacity to 9 MGD. The design-build (D-B) project is being performed by the Crowder Construction/Brown and Caldwell team managed by WSACC.

Professional Engineering Services for Construction Administration & Observations Services

Charlotte Water (CLTWater) is soliciting Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) from qualified engineering firms (Firm) to provide Construction Administration & Observations Services for the Ashe Plantation WWTP Phase II. CLTWater intends to contract with one or more firms to provide professional engineering
services for the project.

The selected Firm(s) shall provide at a minimum, construction administration and observation services.

• Construction administration (CA) services

• Construction observation, resident project representative (RPR) services

• Project closeout services


Phase II of the upgrades include the following:
• Installation of a new 100,000 GPD package WWTP with simplex flow EQ basin, parallel extended
aeration basins, parallel clarifiers, air lift pumps for RAS/WAS, simplex aerobic digestor
• New standby generator with option to use natural gas fuel
• Pre-fabricated office/laboratory/restroom
• Site piping modifications
• Electrical upgrades and modifications


Professional Engineering Services for Building Roof Replacements

Charlotte Water has 12 buildings at Sugar, Irwin, Mallard, and McAlpine Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs) that are in need of roofing replacement or repair. The majority of these roofing systems are over 20 years old. These roofs are aging, failing, and in need of replacement or repairs.

Charlotte Water  is soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from qualified engineering companies (Company or Proposer) to provide Professional Engineering Services for the Building Roof Replacements Project. The selected Firm(s) shall provide at a minimum, preliminary engineering and evaluation, detailed design, permitting, bidding phase services, and construction phase services.




Franklin Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Design and Construction Administration Services

Charlotte Water requesting proposals from qualified companies interested in providing design and construction administrative services for the Franklin WTP Residuals Project

  • Alum cake storage and conveyance system from the alum belt filter press building. Increasing storage capacity, belt condition/layout, etc.
  • New backwash residuals clarifier with stainless steel clarifier mechanism and associated piping. Diameter of new clarifier to be 100 foot in diameter.  Provide new motor control center and switch gear for the existing residual clarifiers. Existing large clarifier must remain in service throughout construction.
  • Evaluation of additional thickener at plant.
  • Residuals polymer system upgrade – new feed system and tanks and potential expansion of existing dewatering building for accommodation of new equipment or added chemical storage.
  • Provide a pump station and force main to convey residuals clarifier effluent to the raw water reservoirs. Cost savings analysis.
  • Dry polymer feed system for flocculation/sedimentation for east and west plant.
  • Addition of an isolation valve at backwash residuals clarifier.
  • Clarifier sludge pump evaluation.

Peninsula/Palisades Odor and Corrosion Study

Charlotte Water is soliciting Statement of Qualifications from a qualified engineering firm to conduct odor and corrosion studies for various areas and lift stations. These studies will evaluate each lift station and its inflow and outflow of sewer pipes and manholes for odor control and corrosion protection . The selected firm will evaluate the various listed areas and prepare a plan of action to correct and address the odor and corrosion issues for Charlotte Water.

On Call Miscellaneous Environmental Services

Charlotte Water’s Engineering division will be seeking proposals from qualified companies interested in providing miscellaneous environmental testing and analysis services.  These services will be on-call and are needed to support various Charlotte Water projects.