Asphalt and Concrete Repair Service

The scope of this project shall be to provide asphalt and concrete repair Services for Charlotte Water, a department of the City of Charlotte.  Asphalt and concrete repair work includes repair to damaged pavement, sidewalks, and driveways caused by water and sewer main breaks, settlement, or other damages on city streets and private driveways.   In some cases, the damage from a water main break can be extensive and require significant pavement removal, excavation, backfilling, and replacement operations in an expeditious fashion. The services may include removal, placement, and compaction of backfill or other related work in addition to asphalt and concrete repair.

CLT Historic Hangar Shell Renovation

Renovations to the Historic Hangar including removal and replacement of metal roof and wall panels, and painting wall panels including a Preferred Brand Alternate. Electrical scope includes removal of existing exterior incandescent flood lights and replacing with new custom manufactured LED light fixtures reusing the existing electrical circuitry.

PCC Spall Repair Program

The Airfield Maintenance Department of the Facilities Division of CLT maintains hard surface areas of the airfield, tenant and CLT parking areas, and private roadways on CLT property. The intent of this solicitation is to select a company to provide repairs utilizing selected construction materials for specific projects at various locations on airport property on an as needed basis during the duration of the scheduled contract. The Scope of Services requires the contractor to furnish all supervision, labor, materials, machinery, tools, equipment, and services, and perform and complete all work in an efficient and workmanlike manner necessary to complete construction of the PCC Spall Repair Program

On-Call General Contractor

The Facilities Division of CLT maintains portfolio buildings, including terminals, offices, fire stations, tenant occupied spaces, and equipment shops. The intent of this solicitation is to select multiple companies to provide general contractor services for various airport properties on an as needed basis. The scope of services is required to assist the airport with renovations, remodels, and maintenance of existing facilities. Expenditures for each task estimated not to exceed $30,000 but companies may be assigned multiple tasks under the contract.  The company shall provide services at various locations as needed. The city may solicit a quote for general contractor services from one or more companies prior to assigning an individual project.

Storm Water Repair and Improvement FY2021-A

Work performed under this contract will consist of storm water infrastructure repair and improvement projects within the city limits of Charlotte, NC.  Work will involve mobilization, earthwork, drainage structures, storm drain pipe systems, channels, working over, under, near, and around existing private utilities asphalt paving, concrete flatwork, and landscaping and any associated work required by the Engineer.  Other work may include structural foundation protection, storm water pipe lining, storm water pipe joint and structure repair, water and sewer (relocations, installations and adjustments).  Storm Water maintenance work may be located entirely within or a combination of the street right-of-way, private, residential and commercial properties.

Joint Sealant Improvements

Remove and replace the joint sealant in the concrete pavement in the following locations: Runway 18R-36L, Taxiway W (and associated taxiways), Taxiway N, Taxiway S, and Taxiway V (and associated taxiways).