On-Call Planning Services

The Airport is requesting statements of qualifications for the purpose of selecting a Company(s) to provide On-Call Planning Services. The company(s) will provide, on an as-needed basis, professional planning support services. All services required will be scoped and funded by individual Task Orders issued by the airport. The selected Company(s) will be an external source of planning expertise and assistance to the Airport’s Planning Section, which is a subdivision of the Development Division. The company(s) will work at the direction of the Airport’s Planning and Environmental Manager and their team.

Emergency Egress Gate Additions

Fabricate and install new galvanized emergency egress gates and galvanized gate posts at Tom Hunter (three new gates) University City Boulevard (six new gates) McCullough (three new gates) and J W Clay (six new gates) stations for a total of 18 new gates. New gates and gate posts are to match existing gates and gate posts submittal drawings.