Decommissioning and Rehabilitation Runway 5-23

The Runway 5-23 Decommissioning and Rehabilitation project at Charlotte Douglas International Airport includes the decommissioning of the existing FAA NAVAIDs for Runway 5-23 and conversion of Runway 5-23 into a taxiway, including taxiway marking, lighting, and signage. The project also includes rehabilitation of the Runway 5-23 asphalt pavement in the form of a variable-depth mill and overlay as well as select concrete slab replacement for installation of taxiway centerline lights.

North End Around Taxiway Early Cabling Project has been combine – CANCELLED

One of seven remaining bid packages within the North End Around Taxiway Program. The construction of the NEAT Early Cabling Project provides for temporary direct-buried power cables from the existing power transformer at the existing RW 36C Approach Localizer Emergency Generator to the existing transformer at the existing Runway 18C Approach Glideslope Shelter in locations with minimal impacts from the proposed NEAT 1st Package construction within the NEAT program.