Vehicle Tires and Wheel Services

The City of Charlotte’s operates over 6,500 vehicles, including, but not limited to, heavy-duty refuse and recycle trucks, street sweepers, construction equipment, light-duty trucks, trailers, cars, and SUVs.

The City seeks to establish a contract for Vehicle Tires and Wheel Service from qualified vendors. The contract will be for the purchase, delivery, installation, labor-related maintenance, and service calls in compliance with the specifications and terms and conditions outlined in this ITB. The City of Charlotte will match the load, speed, and tread wear ratings to meet the requirements of specific vehicles and applications. All tires offered shall be the latest models available from manufacturers.

Services provided under this ITB will be provided to the City’s Solid Waste Services Department and other City Departments.

Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Tire Leasing and Services

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is looking for a qualified vendor(s) to support Bus Tire Leasing and Services for CATS Bus Fleet.

The vendor(s) shall assume all responsibility of maintaining an adequate stock of each size and type of tire required by the two CATS BOD Maintenance facilities located in Charlotte, NC: 3145 South Tryon Street and 901 North Davidson Street.


PSR# 1220


CATS Bus Operations Motor Coach Industries OEM Parts

The Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Operations Division (CATS-BOD) is requesting bids for OEM parts for Motor Coach Industries (MCI) transit commuter coaches.   These parts will be purchased for the maintenance and service of 2001 Model D4000, 2016 Model D4500, and 2018 Model D4500 MCI commuter coaches.