Wayfinding and Signage Service

Charlotte Water, a department of the City of Charlotte, is soliciting proposals for on-call signage services to maintain and expand an established signage system for the owner’s existing and future physical locations. The Owner has established standards for interior and exterior labeling, wayfinding, emergency, and traffic flow signage needs in accordance with OSHA, ADA, fire code, and owner branding requirements. Design and materials standards are provided in a separate attachment.

The selected vendor(s) will be expected to provide comprehensive, turnkey services for any owner signage request. This may include: site/install location assessment, consultation, research, design, procurement, fabrication, assembly, delivery, installation (including any site/install location prep, utility locates, permitting, etc), repair, and/or replacement, with quality control maintained throughout the process, including the oversight of any subcontractors.

STS FY19 Vehicle Replacement Purchase

STS (Special Transportation Services) vehicle replacement for FY19. FY19 plan to purchase approximately 11 new ADA (Americans Disability Acts)  vehicles. STS (Special Transportation Services) needs to purchase eleven LPG powered replacement paratransit buses, that adhere to the  specifications.