Ready Mix Concrete with Portland Cement

Ready mix concrete and cement products are used in the maintenance, repair and installation of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, driveways, traffic signal cabinet foundations, pedestrian signal foundations, and accessible ramps.   This is to provide Ready Mix Concrete w/Portland Cement and/or cement product to the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), Street Maintenance Division (SMD).  All materials provided are to be either delivered by the successful bidder to specified job sites, or picked up at the successful bidders plant, by city-owned vehicles.

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone is used in street paving projects, grading projects, storm water repair projects, and water and sewer line projects.  This Citywide contract will be primarily used by the Charlotte Department of Transportation, Charlotte Water, and Aviation.  The contract is based on estimated quantities of 12 different types and sizes of crushed stone and sand with pricing dependent upon the City using its own trucks and City personnel to pick up the stone.  City certified MWSBE firms may be considered for additional hauling needs when the City needs delivery to specific locations.