BLE Spare Inventory Parts

Charlotte Area Transit Systems (CATS) is in need of spare inventory parts and equipment to support 27 of CATS LYNX traction power substations for the Light Rail system. The Light Rail System started construction in 2005, and now is up and running with multiple corridors. The procurement of spare inventory parts and equipment necessary for the safe operation of CATS Traction Power network. The parts and equipment need to be compatible, standardized and reliable for the existing traction power infrastructure. A list of over 600 parts will be listed for pricing.


PSR 1330

Park Ave Crossing at Grade Renewal

PSR 1291

Park Avenue Road crossing is experiencing a degraded roadbed infrastructure issue that is affecting the safe passage of pedestrians. If a crossing renewal is not made, the roadbed substructure will continue to degrade which would affect the safe passage of vehicular and LRV traffic. Park Avenue Road crossing is a tub system in which crossing tubs are placed on a graded, compacted roadbed, rails are housed with a concrete insert that secures the rails through the grade crossing.


Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is the largest Rail Transit System in North Carolina and has various maintenance and parts needs along the rail lines. Western-Cullen-Hayes, Inc. is the original supplier and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for CATS BLE Grade Crossing Parts and Integrity Wire was utilized to supply Gate Arms Spares. The awarded bidder will have to also make minor repairs. In order to upkeep the BLE Grade Crossing CATS is in need of a contract for spare parts.


PSR 924

Blue Line Extension Grade Crossing Spare Parts

The request is for 5 year $30,000 annual contract for  Western-Cullen-Hayes, Inc. Grade Crossing spare parts the OEM for the Blue Line Extension (” BLE”) Grade Crossing Spare Parts. Integrity Wire was the DBE used by BBRI under the BLE project to supply the grade crossing equipment.

PSR 840