Morehead Pedestrian Crossing Upgrade

This project will be comprised of reconfiguring the Morehead Pedestrian Crossing to provide safety measures and visibility ahead of the I-277 Pedestrian Bridge project.

For pavement markings on CATS owned streets, roadways, and parking lots, the materials used in the Work shall be a NCDOT preapproved product such as Ennis-Flint TrafficPatterns, Transpo Industries Color-Safe, or approved equal.

The pavement marking shall be a preformed red bar measuring 4 inches wide by 10 feet in length with “STOP HERE” lettering in White.

The materials shall be applied using the propane torch method recommended by the manufacturer. A compatible primer sealer may be applied before application to assure proper adhesion. The material must be able to be applied without minimum requirements for ambient and sidewalk temperatures and without any preheating of the sidewalk to a specific temperature. The material must be able to be applied without the use of a thermometer. The sidewalk shall be clean, dry and free of debris. Supplier must enclose application instructions with each box/package.

All pavement markings will be paid by the horizontal linear foot. Such prices and payment will be considered full compensation for furnishing all materials, tools, labor, and equipment.

PSR # 1686

Pavement Marking Materials

The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) maintains 690,000 linear feet of pavement markings throughout the City annually, including center lines, lane lines, edge lines, crosswalks and stop bars, and approximately 850 pavement arrows.   A solicitation will be issued for  thermoplastic pavement marking materials, including paint, granular materials, and pre-formed pavement markers.   All material must meet the 2018 NC Department of Transportation Section 1087 specifications.   The contract established will be for three years with two (2) one-year renewal options.