Remote Transmitter Receiver (RTR) SITE C SELF SUPPORTING TOWERS

Procurement of and Federal Aviation Administration Remote Transmitter Receiver (RTR) towers with the following attachments or appurtenances: a platform at the top of the tower, antenna mount arms, a climbing ladder, safety climb system, coax/waveguide ladder, obstruction light, lightning protection and grounding kit and foundation embedment.

All materials to be delivered to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Citywide On-Call Cabling Services

The City requires qualified and experienced Companies to provide on-call low voltage cabling installation and renovation services. These Services include, but are not limited to, installation and maintenance of: data cabling, Ethernet, building wiring, fiber optic installations, voice and/or data network installation, network cabling, hardware testing and certification, audio and/or video cabling, radio frequency (“RF”), cabinet installation, bonding and grounding, patch cables, and backboards.