Communication Infrastructure Design Services – CANCELLED


CLT Airport – Technology Infrastructure

Act as an Owner’s Agent for daily operational and Construction related projects and tasks as needed. These include, but are not limited to: TMA/IMA tasks, internal team tasks, Informal projects, Formal (Capital) projects, other duties as assigned.

 Assist in the review of Construction and/or Design Team generated drawings and specifications as required to install, test and certify new infrastructure for each design review period, between new outlet and equipment device locations, Communications Equipment Rooms and/or Cabinets, and Communications rooms as it relates to the new system installation, and advise CLT Technology Infrastructure of compliance with standards applicable to each entity.

 Recommend inclusion into the design any necessary cabling infrastructure and pathway recommendations to CLT Technology Infrastructure as practical to accommodate future expansion of known campus infrastructure and future tie-ins to planned facilities.

 Review shop drawings, answer Design Team, Contractor and CLT generated Requests for Information, observe the installation as Agent for CLT Technology Infrastructure, and verify compliance with the Design Documents and CLT Technology directives.

 Provide Construction Services to include meeting attendance. These meetings may include pre-construction meetings, OAC Meetings, and other meetings as directed by CLT Technology Infrastructure. Also, perform Construction Observation site visits, identify potential problem areas, generate punch lists as required, recommend solutions and provide reports to CLT Technology Infrastructure for distribution.

 If the company is already engaged as a designer for Communications/Telecom/Special systems, etc., for a project, then the ability to act as an Owner’s Agent, for the same project, under this scope shall be null and void