Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

Charlotte Water, a department of the city of Charlotte, will bid water treatment and waste water treatment chemicals to supply all water treatment  and waste water treatment plants and lift stations.

Multiple contracts will be awarded.

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Charlotte Water, a department of the City of Charlotte, utilizes chemicals at its Wastewater Treatment Plants for its treatment process.

The Supplier shall provide a full-service, turnkey product(s) to provide the Products and Services set forth in this Section in a customized and timely manner.

CATS Bus Operations Soap and Cleaning Solutions

The Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Operations Division (CATS-BOD) is requesting bids for a supplier to provide bulk cleaners to the two Charlotte CATS-BOD facilities.   The division uses multiple degreasers and cleaners to maintain cleanliness at multiple levels.  This contract will include supplying and maintaining the chemical storage vessels, checking and maintaining adequate levels of cleaning products, and providing product equipment repair within a 24-hour period after reporting.