Precast Utility Shelter (Informal Construction)

Procurement of a 12’ x 36’ precast concrete utility shelter to house electrical and communications equipment supporting the FAA’s RTR radar site.  The shelter will be fabricated off-site with minimal field fabrication requirements and will be constructed in accordance with all local and state building codes.

 All materials to be delivered to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.


Security Booth/Guard House

REBID – CATS is requesting a Request For Proposal for the purchase of four Security Booths. This will include: Installation and Site Preparation Services for Pre-Engineered / Prefabrication Guard House; Ancillary Services related to Pre-Engineered / Prefabricated Buildings and Structures; Construction/Installation of a stationary Security Booth/Guard House with HVAC, LED lighting interior and exterior.

Security Booths/Guard Houses will be located at: Arrowood Station; Pelton Street (VMF rear gate); North Davidson, McGill Street.

PSR 1058

Replacement of the North Davidson Bus Wash

CATS is requesting to replace one drive through vehicle wash (bus wash) unit with a new more efficient drive through vehicle wash (bus wash) to be placed inside the existing wash building. The unit will be replacing a single drive through wash bay in a two drive through wash bay system located at 929 North Davidson Street, Charlotte NC 28206. Site work to include demolition, mobilization, staging, removal and on site storage (CATS provided) of removed vehicle wash (bus wash). Demolition/Equipment Removal: Remove and properly store/dispose (CATS discretion) of the existing drive through vehicle wash.