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Replacement of the North Davidson Bus Wash


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Posting Number 2022-Q3(Jul-Sep)-CATS-4095

Anticipated Posting Date 2022-07-01

Commodity Code(s): 15520, 15575, 15576, 19280, 19283, 63570, 63575, 63580, 63585, 91081, 92824, 92845, 92858, 92893, 92924, 98183

CATS is requesting to replace one drive through vehicle wash (bus wash) unit with a new more efficient drive through vehicle wash (bus wash) to be placed inside the existing wash building. The unit will be replacing a single drive through wash bay in a two drive through wash bay system located at 929 North Davidson Street, Charlotte NC 28206. Site work to include demolition, mobilization, staging, removal and on site storage (CATS provided) of removed vehicle wash (bus wash). Demolition/Equipment Removal: Remove and properly store/dispose (CATS discretion) of the existing drive through vehicle wash.




Last Updated: 05/31/22
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