Firehouse #30 Replacement

Firehouse #30, currently located at 4707 Belle-Oaks Drive, near Charlotte Douglas Airport, is currently located in a house built in 1955 and needs extensive renovations. The facility is the only firehouse where crews must leave their living quarters to access their apparatus, as a result, in impacting response time.

Firehouse #30 design services with the use of Advance Planning funds will be utilized to build a replacement 3-bay 2-story firehouse to manage response volumes in the Beam Road/Airport area. The new facility will be approximately 14,000 square feet. The building will be located at 3019 Beam Road, directly across from the Police and Fire Academy, and the parcel ID number is 141-24-104. It is located in Council District 3. The firehouse design will be the same floor plan design as Hidden Valley Firehouse #45 (HVFH#45).  This project is also designated to be an all-electric firehouse and additional scope will be added.

Overhead Door Maintenance and Services

The City is responsible for maintaining a portfolio of approximately 180 buildings, including offices, fire stations, police division offices, and equipment shops, that house various City activities.  The City also maintains cultural facilities, including museums and arenas that serve as venues for sports, entertainment, and other events.  Contracts resulting from this RFP may be used by various City departments for needs across the entire City organization, including the Airport and the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS).


The Company shall provide maintenance and repair services for approximately 250 sectional, rollup, rolling steel doors, rolling grills, and commercial fire doors located at police stations, fire stations, Charlotte Area Transit System facilities, and cultural facilities.  Occasionally, the work may include replacement and installation of new doors.  The Company shall respond to emergency calls for service within 4 hours.  Services include all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision for the overhead door projects.