Restoration of Historic Hangar

Work will include removing and replacing wall panels in keeping with guidelines from the Historic Landmarks Commission, repairing hangar doors, concrete work around hangar perimeter.  The project also calls for recoating the exterior of the hangar to ensure building longevity.  Minor electrical work is associated with removing and replacing the wall panels.

Flooring and Wallcovering Services

The City of Charlotte is soliciting for flooring and wallcovering to include vinyl flooring, tile, carpet, rubber and linoleum, wood products, wallpaper and any other materials that are needed in City-owned or operated facilities.

Related services include installation, removal and reclamation, and recycling as requested. Facilities Operations is responsible for maintaining more than 200 buildings and 4.4 million square feet of office space. Any vendors selected for award are expected to have the adequate capacity to provide all-inclusive services as needed.